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"The Army is pulling out of Rush. Meanwhile, they're staying in Afghanistan to negotiate with the Taliban, who evidently have a better track record on women's issues." -- Stephen Colbert
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Not true. The entire Rush thing including that "say-for-pay" bit by the Fluke woman (30 years old and NOT a student) was constructed by an Obama-backed PR firm. That takes a lot of "air time" away from talking about the lack of accomplishments in our country and the 21 crimes or misdimeanors that have been documented about our leader.
Ash B
Someone needs to tell "Bob Michaels" to stop going to every Rush site and copy pasting that garbage.
Because only "I" can make a point with vulgar language, and politically incorrect speech. That's what I hear from people like David Lettermen, Bill Maher, and others.
Bob... and I guess Obama conveinced Rush to insult women and talking trash. Otherwise, how would this plan work?
Mr. Colbert, how much you being the political system to divert attention from the real issues facing our country at this time by using the "smear and attack method" so very popular in our modern age? Comedy??? Not hardly! Most of the public see merely a little puppet who is having character issues. So sad too as you are quiet a handsome young man with so much potential and opportunity to achieve so much more in life. My 1st amendment rights here. We still love your program. Do you not know that our dear president pleads innocent by influencing others through the chain of command to do his "dirty" work.This style of aggression is not new by any means ...redirecting attention from real issues by using the attack system in another area. Works much of the and the scare tactic.
Tyler is right, you are silly. lol
Colbert is great, I think that lady just has like menopause or something.
It turns out that everytime a woman has wrong information is because of hormonal issues.
I do, I was kinda just being a dick.
haha... You do it great Paul
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