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Need help picking your Halloween costume? Guess who stopped by the show to help out.
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nice costume?????????????????????????????????????????@@@@@@@$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I busted my sides with laughter when Damon came out in that garb
I wonder if Tom Hanks dropped an F bomb on the Colbert Show like he did earlier in the week on GMA.
+1 for more f-bombs from tom hanks
are you serious? I live in Australia and we get kids knocking on our door for halloween candy and people go into the city for slutoween parties and whatnot. 
this is one of the funniest movie promotions i have ever seen. i think i woke up the neighbors with my laughter
Fair enough, however you say 'we' instead of 'I', that's why I commented. There's a lot of people who do celebrate it so you saying 'we don't celebrate it' made me think 'wait, that's not true'
colbert is dying to have attention. poor man, he should spend the $1m on psychiatrist.
It doesn't have to be Halloween to wear your Obama/ Romney masks around with a Hitler moustache drawn on them. Remember how Hitler made all his actions 'legal'? Obamaney friggin Nazis.
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