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"With America's changing demographics, it only looks bleaker for Republicans in the future -- unless science can find a way for Latino women to give birth to old white men." -- Stephen Colbert

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well, when latinos are granted citizenship, they'll want to become republicans to continue not paying taxes... the ultimate double double cross...
LOL. That's really funny!
Errr... can I politely request you go back to Facebook? 
I think she is using a random word generator.
haha please don't go back to facebook. I love it.
How I LOVE Stephen Colbert. He is AWESOME!!!
grumpy old white men
Let's be sure to be "sore winners' for the next four years...don't want to let rick santorum down, would we?
If they can clone a sheep and put a robot with lasers on mars, nearly anything is possible.
We're not insulting you we just sincerely don't understand what you're saying. 
Something about taking our guns away and death panels for the elderly.
No play on words, just a simple joke about her seemingly random selection of words and/or thoughts...which, when strung together, almost seem unintelligible.  
+Brandon Lewis Who does "her" refer to? All I see is a hispanic woman with a white baby. Maybe I need to watch the episode?
You know, looking of +lois howe's profile page, I'm a tad concerned we have a legit crazy person here.
Her page is very creepy.
She looks like the picture you would see under "bat-shit crazy old lady" in the dictionary. If the dictionary defined something like her. Which it wouldn't. And what the hell is a bible freak doing on a Colbert thread anyway?
She looks like Jason Voorhees mom. Lol
Right, it's not important what she looks like. It's what she's saying that makes her a bit off.
whispers to guy at desk next to her how do I +name someone in my comments?
+Tracy Steuckrath Google made it easier by placing a Reply button you can click on the name on a thread. Otherwise, shift plus (+) then start typing person's name.
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