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"[The Republican National Convention] is the Super Bowl of events that have way fewer black people." -- Stephen Colbert

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Thanks, there wasn't enough election coverage during the election!
Black/White. Left/Right. Good/Bad. Right/Wrong. Yawn... How about we drop the party lines and narrow the focus, guys (and gals)? Or does that scare you too much? "The truth! You can't handle the truth!" ...Eh, me either. but I'm tryin'. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!
Agreed, BC. I remember when the show was a fake "news" show, not a political forum that's only funny half the time. ...Kilborn's rolling over in his grave. ...Oh wait, he's not dead is he? Well, hopefully he's counting his millions then. ;-)
Sorry, this should really be on The Daily Show board. My apologies to Steven & the writers. I know it's a totally different show, of course.
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