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"Tonight is the third and final presidential debate between former Governor Mitt Romney and future former President Barack Obama. Now I'm TiVoing it, so nobody tell me whether the moderate or conservative Romney kicked the lethargic or energetic Obama's ass." -- Stephen Colbert
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Colbert looks like an anarcho-capitalist wearing yellow and black.
Nailed :) This was kinda moderate, lethargic night for Mitt. But I agree that US voters are not that into foreign policy right now, and no matter how Libya gets stretched, it is not field where Mitt can operate (t.i. talk BS) so easily. 
America, the land of the gullible, where leaders are puppets, and the informed are conspiracy theorists.
I like the "Me, too" Mitt! It goes with everything!
Romney to win 2012
I don't where to post this so I'm putting it here for you Mr. Colbert. I just watched you tell the author Grisom.  Why should you foot the bill for these people. I understand if you are talking about true people who have given up on this society and they are truly bums. I have watched you and stew beef do your thing with the political satire since the beginning and I love both shows. Funny since you both speak the truth. I took offense at the comment since I have put almost 12 years in the Army. Funny you guys are shown on the AFN downrange. I got out of the Army last year and found out that someone stole my SSN and had been drawing unemployment benefits for two years while I was still on active duty. I had to live off of my savings for almost 5 months since I had to send the state of california everything I possess to prove who I am. I lost all my material possessions this last year. Car, my apartment, my ex-fiance. I am 80% disabled veteran.Just enough money every month to go back to check to check living, I make about 100$ to much to get any assistance. Now that I'm am out of the army I am going to start exercising my rights to speak. I am dealing congress to get this Va stuff squared away since I should been med-boarded directly to 100% disability. From 80 to 100 is a thousand dollars more. Do you have an autobiography? I would like to read what you endured in your life. I was born into homelessness at the Santa Monica county hospital. My father passed when I was six. My sister Tammy passed when I was 12. Before my first deployment I got a red cross message saying my sister Tammy Eperson was murdered. I got a little long winded on this but you really struck a nerve with that comment. I have given all to this country and in return I get to live in poverty since someone can't use a computer since all it takes is a keystroke to fix things with the VA. Homeless, the Lord however has blessed me beyond belief. The worst I had it was sleeping in the outdoors, I have been couch surfing since with high school friends.I actually just got the details of Tammy's death from the internet. Look it up Troy Powell in Ca. There is and article just google Troy Powell deathrow ca. I read the report. I always figured that if he every got out I would be there to give him a ride. If they repeal the death sentence in ca he will sit until he dies. Though I would like you to read the article of how my sister was murdered, I never knew since I was down range. It saddened and enraged me. Here's a topic you could raise on your show. I am not able to receive any help from veterans organizations, they have huge reserves of monies that they will not disseminate. What is the point? These orgs have millions of dollars and help very few veterans. I have been in poverty for the last year and half, why? I have had to contact congress to get my VA stuff fixed. What's done is done and I have learned a lot through this. I love your show. Please don't throw statements like that out there like I have never did anything. I have been facing these tribulations and now I believe i know the Lords plan for me,to be a voice for people that have had to go through what I have been through,has kept me here to affect change, through my writing. I just realized this while dealing with congress, va etc. It's late so Godspeed and keep on telling the truth. Namaste. is my contact info if you would like to respond.
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