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Stephen: Will you make cock fighting the official state sport of Delaware?

Mike Castle: I will not.

Stephen: So you are going to cock block Delaware?

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Chicken marriage?...hey chickens should have rights too...hmmm, if only chickens were allowed to vote...what a massive voting block to pander to... "And if elected, I promise to fully support chicken marriage"
The control of guns? Who are these wise beings that know how to do such things? And how do I get on their "allowed" list? Not that I want to have one, but seems like self-protection is becoming more and more an issue lately. Was the old wild wild west actually safer?
hehe...yeah, you know what they did to horse thieves...would have been a good punishment for Wall St and the banksters...
Well, I think in this instance, Damian, it means getting married to an actual chicken, and not someone who lacks courage. :-)
I came away liking Congressman Castle - something that rarely happens with a politician, and almost never a Republican! Stephen's chicken fetish, though, is surprising.
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