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If we get rid of ObamaCare, what do we replace it with?

This new ebook from the Cato Institute assembles the best of the Cato's work on ObamaCare, and explains how free market solutions are the best way to make health care better, more affordable, and more secure.

Get it here:
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Love to read it, but is there a Koch Brothers stipend for the $4?
+Bob Lessinger You would love to read it? Really? Or were you just being disingenuous so you could slip in a little FUD that the Koch Brothers have something to do with directing the analysis at Cato?

Apparently you DO like to read Krugman's stuff so that could be a little telling. I have read a lot of the work that Cannon and Tanner have written. They do an excellent job of analyzing the issue and backing up their positions with facts and examples. (Sure, not the kind of stuff Krugman goes for.)  Trying to question their integrity with a Koch brothers comment says more about you.
Touché +John Walker.  Actually, I would like to read it, and $4 isn't very much, but I do disagree with CATO charging the $4.  As far as Koch Brothers go, when I see CATO do some things, it makes me uneasy and think "…are there strings here? …are they being pulled?"  I hadn't really thought about the FUD aspect of my comment though, I'll try to remember to check the FUD, at the door.  
+Bob Lessinger Well then you have come to the right place because I can put your mind at ease. You will never have to worry about the strings being pulled at Cato. The Koch's have never influenced them and they fought a lawsuit to make sure that the appearance of influence didn't even enter the equation.
…clearly, I have missed some news re: Cato/Koch Bros.  They get to stay on the board though, that seems to me like a fair amount of influence (if only from the high level steering).  Still, I like the settlement's position.
+Bob Lessinger  Except that the board has no influence. Here is a short video with links to the full interview. Cato has always been straightforward about how they are structured. A lot of people that disagree with Libertarian ideas can't make an argument with facts and examples so they just throw out the Koch name like it should automatically discredit you. I'd be more concerned is Sorros had a spot on the board.

With that said I was backing Cato 100% to make sure that the Koch's didn't take the majority. Not because they are bad people or would change Cato, but for the simple fact that people would come to the same conclusions that you had previously.  The truth is those people will come to the same conclusions anyways since they can't make an argument on merits.  Most aren't as open to other ideas and the truth as you are.

I'm going to order the book today and read it this weekend. I'd like to hear what you think after you read it too.
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