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The difference a shave and haircut makes...dam #theblackspiderman #teamblackout #freshnclean
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I love ice cream but I won't have any till this Thursday night! Stay focused on your goals if it's what you really want! #theblackspiderman #teamblackout #procardquest 
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It's Monday😂😂😂 #theblackspiderman 
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Lepri vs Davi Ramos final. Badass Guard pass to Armbar..WOW! #theblackspiderman #dmaa 
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R.I.P. Deputy Darren Goforth

Quick rant: You know sometimes I don't get what goes through the minds of some people. This Officer was gun down for NO reason what so ever. Simply because he was a police officer. To the person that did this I hope he gets what he deserves!! One thing I can't stand is when people try and justify Murder. There's NO justification for it unless it's Self defense in which case this was not as video shows. Race doesn't matter this was a father, husband and son. One of my biggest pet peeves are people who instead of fighting one on one choose to get a weapon. If you can't fight then take your ass beating. Look I'm not here to preach violence I'm simply stating that Weak people are those that always try to resolve conflict with acts of violence. i know this from experience. I try and respect anyone and everyone. If you are disrespectful i have NO need to be around or associate with you because all that would lead to is distructive thoughts in my head. I've got too much to lose then to be around people who only cause me to be the Negative me. Anyways I truly pray that this nonsense of racism, Homophobia, just Fucking hatred of other people's individuality will end one day. I will probably be dead if and when it ever happens. Sorry had to vent because just jumbled stuff in my head and I had to get it out. 
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So he somehow deserved to get gunned down in cold blood?  That's disgusting.
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So it didn't go the way I wanted. Placed top 10 in masters and top 15 in open. This was a huge show! It's tough sometimes...I thought about not doing the last national show of the year but I decided that I'm gonna do it. I think the hardest part is knowing how close I've been in other national shows and I didn't even I am and seems like I'm going backwards. I know this sport for men's Physique is still changing...different shows they look for different things. Then on the national stage you're going against the best of the best and only 2 can be pro. It is what it is...shake it off and keep going. Thankyou to Tomara L Watkins for helping me with my posing and Congratulations to my boy Khali Quartey for getting his procard. Well deserved homie! Back on diet till next friday big photoshoot with Jason Ellis to get ready for and @absalutefotog. Let's go! #theblackspiderman #teamblackout #procardquest #npctexas 
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Had a couple of so called friends unfriend me recently made me laugh because I know they weren't true friends. Watch out for those who only come around when they need something, or for only when good things are happening to you. People who are your real friends just know even when you can't talk or hangout all the time. They've seen you through your worst and still are there. To those that come in and out of my life...
Lol #theblackspiderman #truth

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Happy Monday everybody.. Kanye West for president lol #theblackspiderman
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A student snapped this picture off of his big screen from last night's fights. TV does add 10 pounds...dam. It was hard as hell being around so much, beer etc. But I brought my chicken and broccoli lol. Focused..5 days out. #theblackspiderman #dmaa 
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Houston - California
The Black Spiderman fitness model physique body shredded male workout competitor
OFFICIAL PAGE of Nationally Qualified Physique Competitor/BJJ Black Belt Ugo "THE BLACK SPIDERMAN" Arimo Team Blackout 

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2012 Masters Brown Belt Heavy Weight World Champion in BJJ for the Pan American Games, BJJ Black Belt 2013 NPC Nationals: 5th in Class F NPC Texas State Championships: 1st in Class E, 2nd in Masters NPC Europa SuperShow Physique: Men - Class D (top 10) Physique: Men - Masters (5th) Branch Warren Classic Physique: Men - Class C (5th) Physique: Men - Masters (1st) Team Universe Physique: Men - Masters Over 35 B (10th) Phil Heath Classic Physique: Men - Class D (13th) 2012 NPC Texas State Physique: Men - Class D (4th) NPC Europa SuperShow Physique: Class D (top 13) Dorian Yates Classic Physique: Men's Physique (5th) Physique: Masters Men (1st) Branch Warren Classic Physique: Men's Physique C (2nd) Physique: Men - Masters Over 35 (2nd)
  • Health Professions
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