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Mark Hertsgaard broke the story of Pentagon whistleblower John Crane in his new book, "Bravehearts: Whistle-Blowing in the Age of Snowden." The book details how senior Pentagon officials may have broken the law to punish National Security Agency whistleblower Thomas Drake for leaking information about waste, mismanagement and surveillance. "I think that’s what’s important about John Crane’s story, is it puts the lie to what Barack Obama and Hilla...
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Considering the lag between emissions and their effect on global average temperatures, it seems completely impossible to stay below the 2°C marker.
It is going to climb well above that, before anything we do now would have any noticeable effect.

Sadly the long term survival of our species is of lower importance compared to geo-strategic and financial interests.
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Style transfer algorithms are freaky.
I am wondering how far away we are from 3D virtual worlds being generated in such a way.

(via +Torrid Luna)
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Ah, you're right. I read "Impressionist painterly strokes" and confused that with algorithmic impressionist style. I think his (Arthur Rakhteenko's) effort achieved a similar effect. (haven't tried the demo)
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"Jan Böhmermann has disappeared. He's not giving interviews; he's not answering his phone. Since Monday, he has also gone silent on Twitter, where he is normally extremely active. He has hardly left his home in Cologne in the last few days and he is also now under police protection."

For those of you who are wondering why he is fearing for his safety:

This is a group even the most badass investigative journalists tend to shy away from. They are regarded as the most dangerous organization in Germany. Significantly more dangerous than German Neo-Nazis, Islamist Jihadis or any other organized criminal group.

We need a new planet for our refugees, whistleblowers and comedians .... and I want to join them.

Live long and prosper !
With his insulting poem about Turkish President Erdogan, Jan Böhmermann has triggered an affair of state. Now, Chancellor Merkel has elected to allow legal proceedings against the German comedian. What, though, was Böhmermann's intent?
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