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18 senators, mostly Republican, have withdrawn their support for the Protect IP Act in the last 24 hours, including seven former co-sponsors.
Yesterday's internet-wide protest may not have killed Congress's anti-piracy efforts completely, but a lot of legislators (including some co-sponsors) suddenly from the bills fast enough.
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It's because i phoned them and i told them to withdraw
They'll be back. One thing about BS laws is they will keep trying to pass them. Eventually the fervor will die and it will go silently into the books.
Democrats are holding on, since much of their money comes the way of the industry....gotta raise those campaign funds :\
Caption: "This device is a terrorist!"
Those that oppose SOPA should raise money and form a lobbying group of its own. Imagine what could be done then.
Collectively we have a lot more power and could outspend any lobbying groups fairly easily. I don't think it would be a wise move on their part to test that.
the issue of campaign finance needs to be sorted out. the idea that we need to raise fund to buy back our government is just sad....
Agreed, but it sure would frighten a lot of people.
Hollywood is as bad as big oil. They just want all the money.
+James May Its author Lamar Smith had said yesterday he wasn't backing down and will go ahead and bring it to House floor next month.
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