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20 young people, including eight Jews and eight Muslims as well as participants from Germany, Saudi Arabia and Croatia joined the first "Break Your Walls" peace camp in Germany, a project that aims to promote peaceful coexistence, acceptance of differences and harmony between peoples of different religions and cultures.
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I am a student of N.I.T Patna, as me and my friend named Urvashi Kumari attended and successfully completed Yes + course conducted at Radha-Krishna Mandir ,gayghat, Patna in somewhere august 2010. We were under the supervision of Parmanu Bhaiya and Parimal Bhaiya.Since then we are asking for the completion certificate but till date they are unable to give us the certificate. They are procrastinating every time we call parimal bhaiya or any teacher of Art Of Living. This negative approach of AOL teacher force us to think that they are just teachings what to do and what not to do to others but do not follow those rule in self-life.
So you are requested to provide us the concerned certificate and do the needful to strengthen the organization.
Hoping for satisfactory action.
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this is one of the reason I do not wanna belong to any group or being recognize by any of those "teachers"..Thanks to internet now we can do all the research by our self, find guidance into our own Soul, ear the answers directly from intermediaries needed in the search for the truth and the peace!
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