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The Art of Living

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"As the moon waxes and wanes, you experience feelings accordingly. Pleasant feelings and unpleasant feelings come and go. Don't pay attention to your feeling. Move ahead with commitment." - Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar​
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Sir, OK i obey Your's but what 2 do with the unnecessary processes which run inside the processing unit & making irritating feelings
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The Art of Living

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"The present moment is enormously deep and vast. It is the secret of secrets." - Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar​
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Sir you are favorite cricketers
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The Art of Living

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Niladri Kumar to stir the strings of your soul with his sitar.
Watch this space for more updates.
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The Art of Living

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"See the possibility that people and things can change at any time, and don't hold on to judgments." - Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar​
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The Art of Living

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"See the possibility that people and things can change at any time, and don't hold on to judgments." - Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar​
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The Art of Living

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Dear Bengaluru, are you ready for an evening of finest Indian classical music?
Stay tuned for more updates.
Niladri Kumar Ghatam Giridhar Udupa
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The Art of Living

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"Light a Home" - Bringing light to remote villages across nine states in India and Nepal. 15,500 households. 65,000 people. 168 villages.
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The Art of Living

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River rejuvenation. Dry for decades, revived through inspired collective action. 16 rivers rejuvenated across three states.
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The Art of Living

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"Balance between your search for happiness and the expectation of others from you. It is a little delicate but you should definitely make an effort." - Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar​
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The Art of Living

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"Praise may not be true, but sometimes criticism may be true, but we all long for praise. Accept criticism as gleefully as praise." - Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar​
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Nice bro
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The Art of Living

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"We judge people just by seeing their outer limited behavior or expressions. But it could be our own inability to see their magnanimity." - Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar​
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The Art of Living

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"Prayer is not just sitting and saying so many words, but is being in that serene, calm, and meditative state." - Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar​
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Thought provoking rule
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Contact Information
Map of the business location
Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth, 21st Km, Kanakapura Road, Udayapura Bengaluru, Karnataka 560082 India
Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth, 21st Km, Kanakapura Road, UdayapuraINKarnatakaBengaluru560082
+91 80672
Meditation Center, Yoga Retreat CenterToday 9AM–8PM
Wednesday 9AM–8PMThursday 9AM–8PMFriday 9AM–8PMSaturday 9AM–8PMSunday 9AM–8PMMonday 9AM–8PMTuesday 9AM–8PM

Welcome to The Art of Living International Center! Situated on the top of the Panchagiri Hills, 21km from Bangalore, near Udipalya village, the campus is an ideal location for reflection and rejuvenation.

Started in 1986 and spread over 65 acres, the campus has an abundance of flowering foliage spread along winding footpaths, a peaceful lake and the exquisitely beautiful Vishalakshi Mantap, the central meditation hall.

Satsangs, held every evening, are gatherings where different minds unite through music, meditation, and wisdom to experience an elevated state of consciousness.

Through Seva (voluntary service) one can experience the humble satisfaction of doing selfless work here, from serving food in the kitchen to keeping the premises clean to working in the various departments that focus on various projects and the ashram’s upkeep.

The Vishalakshi Mantap, named after ‘Amma’, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar mother, is the main Meditation Hall in the form of a fully blossomed 1000 petal lotus. Its reflective dome that mirrors the sun during the day is lit up at night to a synchronized change of colored lights. The dome and golden spire that can be viewed from all parts of the sprawling campus grounds play the role of a compass – lending a sense of navigation to the spiritual seeker.

Courses are held in various rooms at different levels of the mantap and satsangs are held on the main level. Each level opens onto a gallery. Following a circular design, the levels provide an excellent view of the campus grounds and the open grounds and hills in the distance.

Built on a smaller scale, is the Sumeru Mantap in the more secluded, old ashram campus. When the campus was newly set up, and there was a much smaller gathering of people, satsangs were held here. It is a circular 3 tiered gallery with a garden in the center and the sky for a roof, dominated by a large densely foliaged banyan tree in the center.

The Radha Kund gardens recapture the mystical garden of Vrindavan, replete with a pair of elephants, a pair of geese, a deer, some rabbits and a number of exotic birds! This is an excellent place to observe various birds as they sweep over the lake - and a good place to unwind, reflect and take stock of one’s life. From the gardens one can hear the Sanskrit chantings of the boys at the Gurukul nearby. The seven year training program at the Gurukul teaches students how to conduct temple rituals. The course syllabus also includes study of the Veda, Agama, Sanskrit, Astrology, Yoga, music, Sculpture, Epics and scriptures. 

The Goshala, home to over 250 cows, is an important project undertaken to preserve the native breed of Indian cows. The cows enjoy human company and visitors receive great pleasure brushing and petting the cows.

For those who wish to simply relax, The Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma (Wellness Spa) offers the ideal retreat for body and mind. Apart from the super ambience and food, one can select from a number of rejuvenating therapy packages the spa offers.

On campus is a very popular, vibrant eatery, The Vishala Café that serves Indian and Continental fast food. It is here that youngsters like to meet, relax, exchange ideas, play the piano or eat a filling meal while reading from the selection of books displayed at the café.

An array of shops are also present on campus – two Divine shops (selling music and books), The Divine Services (a provision store), Madhurya (traditional artefacts, gifts), Sri Kriti (a boutique that sells hand made products by rural women and traditional craftmen) and Sri Sri Agriculture with its fresh produce of fruits and vegetables grown on campus.

The Bangalore Campus makes for a truly self-contained retreat - your home away from home!

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"It is important to HH Sri Sri ravi shankar ji."
"Jai Guru Dev. Peaceful place."
"Art of living international center is the heaven on the earth."
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Siddharth Chamoli's profile photo
Siddharth Chamoli
in the last week
This place is awesome , where you can find a beautiful invironment and fresh air, lot of birds,animals and trees arround the ashram. Lot of meditation, prayanam, breathing techniques, all festivals celebration from all over the india as well as a lot of courses for body and mind also happen in every weekend. The most popular festival are in ashram is Shivaratri and Navaratri. I love this place. Jai Gururdev!
Madhubala Nandasamy's profile photo
Madhubala Nandasamy
3 weeks ago
Very beautiful place, where I could learn Sudarshan Kriya, a very powerful breathing technique. It helped me a lot in dealing with stressful situations and find a perfect balance in my emotions. One can also choose to do their graduate programme like the Advance Meditation Programme, DSN or Sahaj all of these are extremely relaxing and rejuvenating.
Neeraj Kumar Goyal's profile photo
Neeraj Kumar Goyal
a month ago
Most Amazing and beautiful place on the earth. Art of Living courses are immensely popular and beneficial and doing it over here in the Ashram just intensifies the experience. You feel a calmness in the mind as soon as you enter the place. Regular Chanting and meditations happen here. You can feel the positive atmosphere. I have been here many a times and never do I feel to go back from here. The main meditation hall , Vishalakshi Mantap (known as VM) is the architectural marvel. Then there is the beautiful Radha Kunj Garden and the lake , Gurukul and Goshala are worth visiting.
• • •
Rajesh Warrier's profile photo
Rajesh Warrier
4 weeks ago
Beautifully designed, great uss of resources and space. Very suitable for silence, nature walks, spending quality time with oneself. Having said that the Ashram ecosystem provides you with 74 departments to undertake volunteering programs (if you intend to engage in social service initiatives/seva activities) that requires various skill sets from writing, operations, HR/admin, PMU, cooking, kitchen management, products, agriculture, media, etc. However, a prerequisite for this is that you must have completed the basic happiness program and one silence program. Once you have done that you are eligible to embark on this unparalleled experience of working in a healthy lifestyle at a beautiful place !
• • •
Xiomara Arauz's profile photo
Xiomara Arauz
3 weeks ago
The Art of Living center and ashram is your place for relaxation and yoga in India!! You body, mind and soul will thank you for coming here. They have wonderful courses for beginners and advanced students of yoga and meditation. You can also just come for the day to enjoy the wonderful greenery around the center or get pampered and healthy at the Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma Spa. Come in the evenings for lively Satsangs with wonderful chanting and music. The rooms are simple but nice and comfortable. The food is very good and you have the choice of cafes and also a restaurant.
• • •
Gopinath D's profile photo
Gopinath D
4 weeks ago
This place is beautiful and natural area, where you can breath in fresh air..A lot of trees and they have wonderful lands with organic farming. Beautiful Guru Paduka Vanam with swans..and you will see lot of smiling faces :) Wonderful place to be in the Bangalore :)
Rohan Jain's profile photo
Rohan Jain
a month ago
It is the most beautiful place I have visited in Bangalore. It is not at all what I had imagined generally an Ashram wd be. It is almost difficult to believe such an amazing place is there in a concrete jungle of Bangalore. Very peaceful place, filled with activities. I got time to get in touch with myself. Also a perfect place for family outing. Guess what, there is a cafe as well which serves parathas and all... And a restaurant that serves organic food. One of the best food that I have had. U must visit!
• • •
ASHMITA DEBNATH's profile photo
a month ago
it is the bestest place on this planet. its the place where thre is peace love joy and full of positive energies ..thnk you Sri Sri for making such place .love you