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Pets really do make the best patients
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Meet Batman, the 4-eared cat
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Food tips to make eating more appealing to sick pets
If your pet is feeling under the weather, try these food tips to make eating more appealing. Make sure to visit a vet if your pet\
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Providing cats with options may prevent behavior issues
We make lots of choices every day. Good or bad, they’re made either instantaneously or after carefully considering the outcomes. We need to be able to choose — it helps us feel we have at least a little control over our lives. We aren’t the only ones who need options. Cats, like other animals — …
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Why do cats enjoy knocking things over?
Cats do some weird things, like sleep on our heads and hide in boxes. But why do cats knock things over? Why do cats knock things off tables? We checked with cat behaviorists to find out.
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There are multiple types of kidney disease that can affect pets. Learn more
There are multiple types of kidney disease, but all types have the same end point: the kidneys’ ability to control water balance, filter waste products from the blood and keep minerals like sodium, potassium and chloride at optimal levels is compromised. Kidneys are even responsible for maintaining red blood cell production. With all these important … Continue reading Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats
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Have you ever wondered how dogs think?
Do dogs think? What is my dog trying to tell me? What do dogs\
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Today is Remember Me Thursday! Learn more about this special day.
Editor’s note: This story originally appeared in the September/October 2016 issue of Catster print magazine. Click here to subscribe to Catster magazine. Share a favorite photo of your pet on social media today (Sept. 22) to help raise awareness for pet adoption through the annual Remember Me Thursday campaign. Its goal is helping orphan pets find forever …
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Taffy, 14 1/2, sits patiently while receiving acupuncture treatment from Dr. Alvarez. #WaitingRoomWednesday
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When the dog eats your homework, it can be dangerous
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PET FOOD RECALL ALERT: Addiction canned dog food
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12 year old Dung is in for a cardiology visit with Dr. Trafny #WaitingRoomWednesday
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"Really amazing, quality service."
"Goldstein then threw Susie into the waiting room like a piece of trash."
"What I loved is that they gave me different options for treatment."
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Ian Scott's profile photo
Ian Scott
4 months ago
I originally had a 5 star review based on my initial visit but have changed it. While the initial visit was great, the service went down hill from there. The main reason I changed my review though is because of the last visit. I brought my dog in for an emergency visit as I noticed her eye was very red. (she had a cataract already and we had surgery scheduled in about a month). They took my dog away and did "tests" and said she was fine. One month later when we actually went to do the surgery at Cornell hospital, she had glaucoma and they could no longer operate on the the eye. The doctor told me that given the size of the eye, the pressure had been building up for some time. I don't know how they could have missed that. Perhaps my dog did not have pressure build up when I brought her in but I could not in all good conscious recommend the hospital for eye care.
• • •
lois greifer's profile photo
lois greifer
a month ago
Five years ago I brought my then 13 1/2 year-old shih tzu, Samantha, to The AMC for surgery to remove what turned out to be a benign tumor on her liver. A little more than five days ago, I brought my 18 1/2 year-old Samantha to The AMC to put her down. And during the five years in between, I brought my beloved Samantha to The AMC countless times, for her 6-month check-ups to monitor her Cushings disease and overall health; for treatment of an ear infection, a urinary tract infection, and a skin infection; for eye exams as her eyes reddened and lost their sight; for acupuncture to treat her growing lethargy as she aged (ok, that didn't help her all that much); and, most recently, to be fitted for a wheel-chair to help with balance and ambulatory problems. For five years, The AMC has been amazing in providing Samantha with the best medical care and me with the support and encouragement I needed to take care of my aging little girl. And even in my worst moment a little more than five days ago, The AMC was there to help me through. I am bereft at the loss of my precious doggie, but I am still comforted by the care of The AMC. I cannot recommend the caring staff and top-notch facility enough. Thank you, AMC.
• • •
Jo Jensen's profile photo
Jo Jensen
a week ago
Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff who got us in for an appointment with Dr. Farmer the same day. New kitty was pretty sick and is doing much, much better just a few days after receiving an injection and some antibiotic eye ointment. I also learned from Dr. Farmer how to put the eye ointment in without stressing the cat. Excellent clinic which I highly recommend!
Rory Evans's profile photo
Rory Evans
in the last week
The team at Animal Medical Center are thoughtful, considerate and professional! Our pets deserve the best healthcare and here they get it!
Marion Stein's profile photo
Marion Stein
in the last week
This happened 11 years ago, but as far as I know things haven't changed and could have happened yesterday, so beware. The AMC uses a lot of new vets as "interns". If you come in with an emergency and you wind up seeing one of them, you could wind up with a tragedy. I took my cat there. I started telling the vet the story -- how I heard him howl one night, but I looked and didn't see anything in his mouth (but I'm not a vet). And he hadn't been eating, and I thought maybe he had a hair ball. She basically focused on his weight. She told me he was obese. She thought he was constipated. She did check his mouth, plus there were x-rays and who knows what kind of prodding. He was sent home with laxative and some anti-biotics because he seemed to be fighting something off. A day later I heard him HOWLING when he tried to eat, and he hissed at me the first time ever when I attempted to pill him. I took him to another vet who immediately discovered ... THE NEEDLE IN HIS MOUTH THAT THE VET AT AMC HAD MISSED. The vet insisted I write AMC about their mistake and even gave me a picture (and copies) of my pet's mouth BEFORE they removed the needle. AMC not only didn't refund me any of the money, they insisted there was no mistake and that the needle either wasn't there when I came in or "had moved." The credit card company gave me a refund, but warned me that AMC could come after me in court. I still have the paperwork, but I think I'm safe now. Moral of the story: If you live in NYC, and have a pet emergency AMC is not the only game in town!
• • •
Pam Schaefer's profile photo
Pam Schaefer
3 weeks ago
We are new to the area and took our dog there for her yearly exam. They were very friendly and treated my dog very well. I have three other dos and I am going to take them there too.
Bohemoth1 VARTIALAK's profile photo
3 months ago
In 1971 I had a mixed breed dog named Zulu. He got hit by a car. He was in very bad shape. NYC Housing Police rushed us to AMC. At first the doctors recommended euthanasia. But decided to give him a chance. Zule was 19 months old then and lived to be a healthy 17 years old that died in his sleep. In 1980 my Godson had a 4 year old Poodle named Gray. Gray was attacked and mauled by a German Shepherd. Gray was is such horrifying condition that he wouldn't even let my Godson touch him. I pulled up and whistled and Gray limped into the back seat of my patrol car. I took him lights and sirens to Animal Medical Center. After surgery Gray was admitted for over a month. We were allowed to visit him. Gray lived to age 21. He died sleeping in the window seel on a cool summer night. Pets are members pf our (your) family. They just as humans deserve the best, including medical care. I have known people who have airlifted their pets to AMC (it's not far from the East 50th Street helioport. AMC is at.East 63 Street between York Avenue and the FDR Drive. Not to far from NY Presbyterian, Hospital of Special Surgery, NY Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Institute, The Rockefeller Institute and St. Luke's Hospital. A very prestigious medical community. I am now living in Puerto Rico, but my dog's TOBY a Lab Shepherd Mix adopted) primary care veterinarian is at AMC. I fly into Teterboro Airport and helicopter into Manhattan where a Sprinter Van is waiting to take us to AMC. That's only for his routine check ups. I recommend NY Animal Hospital for anyone with a pet. The hospital is huge and has many disciplines for an class of animal, fin, reptile or bird.
• • •
Christopher Pennington's profile photo
Christopher Pennington
5 months ago
Simply put AMC saved Napoleon's life. The staff from the reception team to the doctors themselves were incredible, compassionate and highly skilled. Impressively AMC is dedicated to training the next generation of vets also and I am sure these young dedicated professionals will go on to save many loved animal friends.