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RPG enthusiast & OSR publisher
RPG enthusiast & OSR publisher

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WIP for next Patreon release!
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I've got a dungeon writing problem. When I write room descriptions it is just like "room inside", "room more inside", "the room what is there, see".

I am not good with descriptional room titles... they'd be like "the room where is that chalice thingie, you know", "room with rabid rabbit zombies", "room where is lava"...


You who have ran Forgive Us and/or Tower Of The Stargazer, how long did it take to finish them? Did they die at the first room or were super careful that affected the time?

I am asking because I am planning to run either of them in my Otamocon and am looking for something 3-4 hours.

Other LotFP (only) suggestions? DLD and Fuck For Satan are also intriquing...

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WIP illustration for The Museum Of Living Arts.

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Did you like the snakes in the last post? Here is a set of random tables to create your own with a little help from me!

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Such A Charmer, Snake In A Boot, Brutal And Poisonous, Airborne Flock, Snowknot, Pseudosalamander, Fragile Ash Snake, Delicacy That Eats You...

These are snakes you'll get when you go to my Patreon file to download a PDF!

If you like my stuff, you can support me :)

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Illustrator +Mikko Torvinen said he wants to draw scantily dressed wizard chicks. That he can do!

The Museum Of Living Arts soon available for +Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

Disclaimer: This product is an independent production by D-oom Products and is not affiliated with Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Lamentations of the Flame Princess is a registered trademark owned by James Edward Raggi IV. 

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So, I want to use this picture in a publication. How the hell I attribute it, because obviously the uploader doesn't have rights for it.

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I am tired so I just share something I liked here. Really evokative map for an adventure. And it'll make a nice base after.
This is courtesy of +Guillaume Tavernier, one of the most talented artists out there. It's a dungeon in the upcoming Kaigaku: The Ruined Kingdom. I want to put a couple more maps in the book, so I've put together a late backer form that lets you support Kaigaku. Let's make more work for Guillaume! Backer form here:
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