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Online publication dedicated to sharing electronic dance music, music festivals, dance music lifestyle, PLUR and EDM culture.
Introduction is an online publication dedicated to sharing Electronic Dance Music, music festivals, EDM news, free EDM downloads, Media, PLUR and EDM culture. The site is managed by passionate EDM enthusiasts focusing on quality, unique, original content and community.

With viewership significantly increasing by the day, thatDROP is quickly establishing itself as one of the leading electronic dance music blogs in the landscape.

thatDROP distinguishes itself within the marketplace through supreme quality, unparalleled website design, exceptional content and accessibility. Their skilled writers are concise and eloquent; avoiding negativity, dissenting opinion, and sensationalism. The site is dedicated to sharing electronic music and reporting objective news in a timely and relevant manner with a focus on spreading love and supporting all of our partners within the space.

The difference between us and other sources of media: if we disagree or dislike something, we don’t give it any attention. There are far too many people doing incredible, beautiful and inspiring things to waste time discussing the things we dislike. #PLUR

The mission is to satisfy the consumer and strengthen the bond within the electronic dance music community, actively engaging the audience through multiple social media platforms, newsletters, and blog commentary.

thatDROP’s staff possesses an authentic voice; living and breathing the music, immersing themselves in the culture and constantly engaging their community on the front lines. Our dedicated team of dance music enthusiasts have interviewed some of the biggest names in the space while covering dozens of events around the world.

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