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Than Merrill
Star of A&E’s “Flip this House” and Founder of FortuneBuilders and CT Homes, LLC
Star of A&E’s “Flip this House” and Founder of FortuneBuilders and CT Homes, LLC


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There’s nothing like a bidding war that can help maximize your profits.

In my latest +HuffPost piece, I’ve shared my top recommendations on increasing offers this fall:

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As the seasons change, so should your strategy for maintaining curb appeal.

In my latest +HuffPost piece, I’ve shared 3 curb appeal trends for fall:

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The buy vs. rent debate has gone on for a long time, and each option has its place in the housing market.

In my latest piece, I add my two cents to the debate and weigh in on who I think is a clear winner:

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If you're able to get ahead of the curve by anticipating the right trends, you may find yourself with a significant advantage.

That’s why I’ve shared in my latest +HuffPost piece what I think are the top 4 real estate trends that will carry over into this season:

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There’s something about the seasons changing from summer to fall that makes entrepreneurs want to ramp up their investing activities.

That’s why I’ve shared my top 5 predictions for the fall real estate market in my latest piece to help you step up your game:

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It’s true what they say; today’s real estate market favors sellers. However, that’s no excuse for not trying to sell a home the right way.

Make sure you’re doing everything in your power to facilitate a timely and profitable transaction by using the advice I share with +HuffPost:

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It’s a sad truth, but a reality nonetheless: For one reason or another, some homes simply won’t sell in a timely fashion.

Be sure to use the steps I share in my latest +HuffPost piece if you want to help tip the home-selling scales in your favor:

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Tons of complex details go into putting together a multifamily investment deal.

Consider these 4 important factors I have broken down for you, and you'll be on your way to making your first deal like a pro:

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Through self-education I've been able to achieve financial freedom, and I want to help fellow investors do the same.

Boost your chances of finishing the year strong with the 4 tips I share with +HuffPost:

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In today’s market landscape, a commercial real estate investment property can be a wise decision for the prepared investor.

Heed my advice before jumping in if you want to place the odds of realizing success in your favor:
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