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Thairaan Wood
Life is Peril, Enjoy what GOOD you have!
Life is Peril, Enjoy what GOOD you have!
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well true

In the end what is disturbing is only the heart, which is chaos of accumulations of fears, hopes and dreams --- the price of evolution.

I think the basic purpose of education is to achieve the ability to write what you think down. To this respect, Chinese educational system largely failed.

The first time Internet came into my life it was slow, but there was no borders existing like real world. More than one decade later, borders in real world set their barriers step by step into Internet. Anyway it is reality though humiliating. I'm always being conscious a saying I read somewhere, surely somewhere on the Internet, it was read: Every border is a Sin against Humanity.

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Like those smart phones that of Sony, don't see on the hell why all the folks rush to Samsung. But I think smartphone business is a declining business for any top player in electronic industry. Sony should turn this branch into a design house, get rid of all those factory things, and maybe move the office to the neighbor of the office of PS4.

Why does coffee always make me feel hungry easier?

Mass education makes societies in which everyone's literate, in turn it makes literate mass believe they automatically receive a soul with literacy. True or not, the soul is a cheap one.

You got nothing to do with someone insisting on something you think it's not right. you know there's great possibility that you're wrong yourself.

It's quite understandable that you can't have a Google Wallet in China, and it's convenient you can have it once you are out of China. But, no, you can't if you only have credit card registered in China whatever VISA or MasterCard. Thing is when you bind a credit card in order to activate the Wallet, there's no option as China in the box in which you have to insert a name of a country. 

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