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Texas Trust Credit Union
Building Brighter Financial Futures
Building Brighter Financial Futures

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April 18th is almost upon us. You could win $25,000 just for trying @TurboTax Online! Plus, you can save up to $15 on TurboTax products! Grab your W-2s and start now, get your guaranteed maximum refund fast! 

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Money saving tips are always great. But money saving tips from a financial pro who sold their company for nine figures is even better. Read on and put these great tips into action now.

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Making a list is a smart way to stay on task during your day but there's more to it than writing down your items. Check out this article talking about the most efficient way to organize your to-do list and get your tasks done.

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Is your email inbox number just growing and growing every day? It can fill you with dread, as the number of unread emails continues to climb. Face your fears and power through email organization with these tips.

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Are people constantly coming to you for advice on their life and career? Turn your strength into an income opportunity with this simple strategy.

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Tax Day is tomorrow--are you ready? If you are feeling that time is not your friend, don't panic. Here's how to file for an extension with the IRS.

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Scammers are always trying to come up with new ways to get to your sensitive information. From phony smartphone apps to fake social media pages, this quick video will help you stay vigilant in the battle against scammers.

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Financial Literacy Tip of the Day: Save for something.

Try telling yourself to save some extra money each month. Now try telling yourself to save some extra money each month because you want to go on vacation, throw a great birthday bash, put in new kitchen counters, or ___ (fill in your own desire here.) It’s significantly easier when there’s something you want at the other end. And note: It’ll be easier still if you have a visual image of the goal. It’s not unquantifiable “retirement,” or even your amorphous “retirement house,” it’s the ski-in, ski-out condo with the hot tub right off the slopes in Stowe. Niiice.

--Excerpt from Jean Chatzky’s Money Rules, The Simple Path to Lifelong Security

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Our Headquarters is finally complete and we want to celebrate with the community. Join us for the Texas Trust Credit Union Headquarters Grand Opening on Saturday, May 6th. This family-friendly event is open to everyone!

•Take a tour of our Headquarters
•Check out our signature Texas Trust Bus
•Tackle the Rock Climbing Wall
•Enjoy fair food classics like hot dogs and kettle corn

PLUS participate in our Scavenger Hunt for your chance to win big $$$ in our Cash Cube! We can't wait to celebrate with you!

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Email blunders. We've all done them. Should we say nothing or reply back? Respond all or just directly to one person? This list of the nine worse email offenses--and what to do about them--will help you next time you're in an email jam.
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