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Mystery shopping hires "shoppers" who pose as customers in order to evaluate a company’s service, quality and cleanliness. These “undercover customers” interact with employees, engage in transactions and otherwise act like “normal” customers. After their visits, they complete reports which describe what they observed in objective terms. Texas Shoppers Network Inc. uses a patented process that measures Quality Control in a quantifiable way. This helps take out the subjective part that could otherwise taint a good mystery shopping program.

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Thanks Veronica! We appreciate all the hard work you do! Much obliged for the recommendation.

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New feature just added to our services portfolio! Video mystery shopping:
Now you can get real time insights to your business operation. We are very excited!  Contact us today to learn more 713-984-7631
Or through our website. #videoshopping   #mysteryshoppingcompanies   #marketingstrategy  

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Meet Sondra Pulford.
CEO of Texas Shoppers Network:

Ms. Pulford began her career in retail, and became the first female store manager of a large department store in Houston, TX at the early age of 22. During her retail career, Ms. Pulford was responsible for all aspects of store operations including sales and service, staffing, merchandising, and financial management. She went on to an award-winning career as a sales representative for several companies, before choosing an entrepreneurial path. 

In her first venture, she successfully merchandised products for retail accounts throughout southeast Texas.
With her strong foundation in retail, Ms. Pulford founded Texas Shoppers Network in 1996, specializing in customer-service evaluations and mystery shopping. Evaluations, both in-store and by telephone, provide an objective picture of how a business, its facilities and employees are viewed by its customers. TSN's evaluations help clients identify and correct problems before they cause customers to go elsewhere. Sondra Pulford believes it is very important to recognize and reward excellence.  It was out of this belief that TSN’s SuperStar Program was created to identify "superstar" employees who go the extra mile for customers.

Services provided by TSN go beyond standard mystery shopping to encompass all aspects of the client's relationship with customers. Ms. Pulford and her associates are experienced in providing, managing, and evaluating customer service, performance, and quality. Their expertise covers restaurants, grocery stores, health care, personnel agencies, banks, apartments, home builders, retail stores, and other service providers.

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Ready to become a shopper?
Log on to our website and register for amazing shop opportunities.

Top Six Reasons for Mystery Shopping:

• Increase profitability by improving customer service and retaining customers
• Reduce potential liabilities by identifying and correcting safety hazards
• Reduce costly employee turnover through improved training
• Pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in specific areas in a business
• Valuable as a “sentinel effect” – when employees know they will be mystery shopped, they will give every customer excellent service
• Identify Superstars – those extraordinary customer service associates who really make an establishment perform.
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