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TIA. Please show me your passions towards the "Video Games".

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Resident Evil aka Biohazard for ever!
””First Person shooter”

CW Bok
Yes, aye! Resident Evil 1,2,3,4 and 5! 
Hah I totally belong in this circle, been playing since the NES and SEGA days as a lil' kid, still a Nintendo fanboy to this day. Best game for me has to be a choice between Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Resident Evil 4.
Honestly speaking, I was a sega magia (orz) -- because I for the first time bought not Famicom but SEGA SC-3000 Series!
> +Jordan Brown
I need to be in this! Im mainly a PC gamer but have been looking at getting back into consoles..
mass effect n gears of war
I love Halo Reach, Mass Effect and Pokemon most of all. :)
I wouldn`t call myself a gamer, but I really love video games.
Wish I had more free time.
How do i join, im a huge gamer when i have the time 
Fighting Games Forever! Also the occasional FPS.
Video Games are like any other form of escapism. It helps us relieve stress or, in some cases, gain more stress. But best of all, Video Games don't judge anyone. That is All. :)
Please add me. lol
eagerly awaiting modern warfare 3 + me please
Grand theft auto 5 ZOMGGG
Your circles are so organized lol.
Can you add me please? I love sharing things I find about games/tech/geek. Thanks
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