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Japan Lovers Circle

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(Updated: 2011/Oct/24 11:30 (JST))

I have created a circle in Google Plus, named "Japan Lovers (Japanophilia)" in order to detect who are real Japan Lovers and I might think that I could recommend to the Government of Japan to free-ticket to Japan (Planned in 2012). Please +1 to this post or leave a note as a comment. Thank you in advance. -- THIS IS A POWERFUL CHALLENGE!!

# OF COURSE, People who live in Japan, genuine Japanese people would be appreciative, as well.

Aye? then Press +1 or leave comments or re-share this. TIA. Please show me your passions towards "Japan"!

By the way, I received a simple question. "I do not want me to be categorized in this circle, but I know that I can help +Tetsuya Kitahata because I have so much followers who really want to dive into this circle. What should I do?" -- +Tetsuya Kitahata 's answer: "The best way" would be -- "Re-Share this post and Leave a comment 'I am not in this category but I am supportive, so re-shared!" This comment can be soon detected.
From Japan With Love. - +Tetsuya Kitahata



I need your help (re-sharing this post would be the best), If we can gather much more than 5,000 - I think that more people can be invited by the Government of Japan. Thank you in advance. Yours!!


Whether you are listed or not listed, I recommend you ALL (Japan Lovers) to press "+1" plus re-sharing. This (action) improves relationships with me (Tetsuya) immediately and finally eases you to go (come) to Japan. It's so called "Google Way". :)
-- P.S. Also, can you expect the recommendations from "Unfollowing" person? -- so, recommend you ALL (Japan Lovers) to add me (= Tetsuya) into your circle, Ah, triple Combo (+1, Re-Sharing and Commenting) would be perfect, needless to say :)

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Can you add me in the circle too?
Thank you. I am Japan lover.. I love Japan so much... sukidesu..hondo... I had a lots of Japanes food, music, clothes, ....etc :P
Hi ! Could you add me please. :-)
simon t
please add me,... thanks!
Wow! This is a really cool idea! Would like to be included in this circle too! m (_ _) m onegaishimasu
I may have been added mistakenly to your shared circle. I do love Japan, but not really more than any other country I've not been to. I am glad to be following many list members and that they are following me, but you may leave my name off of future editions to make room for those with a true passion for the topic and I know there are many.
Is the circle capped at 350? does not seems to show latest additions
It would be great to get the free ticket for 2012, of course if I don't get it I'll still be going in 2013 or 2014
Kitahata-san, add me too please :) , it would be a privilege and an honor to visit my childhood dream country Japan one day :)
I really love Japan... I love Japanese language, cultures, and I really love V6 esp Ken Miyake. haha... I really work hard on my study so I can take master degree there than live there... I'm not sure I can go to Japan in 2012 because I'll have to finished my research next year, but I really want to at least join this circle now. Thank you so much...
konnitiwa :)

Hi I am from Ukraine, i would like to find somebody from Japan for snailmailing.

Feel free to make friends with me ^)
I admire Japan in many aspects which, in my personal imagery, peaks in Musashi. :) Hope the project success.

備考:なぜかここ日本語でポストしているというのは、初めて日本に行く皆さんも、言葉の方は心の準備するべきだと思います。皆が自分の「coping strategy」を考えるきっかけの目的で具体的な例を提供したいと思いました。私が初めて行ったのは18才でした。到着するといきなり・日・本・語・だ。その旅行の要因を無視する訳には行かないでしょう。(Googleトランスレートが役立たない場合もございます。;-)
I love Japan! I Would really like to be added to the circle, Thanks.
I love Japan and my best friend is Japanese! Please, please, please add me to the circle!

{{very deep bow}}
I am from Zambia, but am fascinated with Japan. All the cars I have ever owned are Japanese, so Japan has helped me to be mobile ...
Hi, i'm really love Japan too, Japanese music, art, foods,etc.. and i have a dream so i can go to Japan soon.. can i join to this circle too?
This is so cool..!! thank you for inviting me to this Circle ..!! I Would love to see Japan and I would love to give the Japanese my love and support as a Artists.. =) Much Love..!!
Interesting activities! I'd like to share.
yappariiiiiiiiii!!! :) put me in also :)))
My husband lived in Japan for 2 years and I have come to love it as much as he has. Please add me to this circle.
Konban wa!
Tetsuya san, could you please add me too? :)
May I be added too please? Thank you
thx for all your great circles!!! triple combo :) hope to be added here :)
I really love mangas, I'm from Montreal, Quebec
Please remove me from this circle as soon as possible
Ray Lai
add me ww
Hajimemashite +Tetsuya Kitahata san* Thank you for this circle!! Please add me when you have the time* =) Thank you!!
Thank you!! I'll do that right now* =)

2- There should be a community for this.
Thank you. I am Japan lover.. I love Japan so much... sukidesu.. 

+Tetsuya Kitahata
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