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Evolution Of Social Networking Services

LiveJournal => Friendster => MySpace => Orkut => Facebook => Twitter

FINALLY - Cyborg Google+ (lol)

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what prediction after google+?!!!!
Hah! Funny! :)
On such a pics always monkeys and men. Where are girls? Are they out of evolution process? :)) we must send a hero back in some years ago in order to prevent Google+ from standing up against us?
Or if you are more like my generation it went like this: Myspace => Facebook.
End of story.
G+ could easily be as good of a communication tool as FB IFF people would make their email publicly available and display on their profile below their image. However it is not, and perhaps the only way to message someone privately is to make the post only visible to them - which is not as nice, IMO.
Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are all social. Because thanks to them, I could know you with real name.
"People has to choose who they share with, ALL the freaking time. Very few want this much choice." -- Facebook is also this way!

Also I think they fix different problems in a different niche area of social networking. G+ is more so a dating site in my mind. It helps you find like minded people more easily (For instance, would we be having this discussion on facebook? No. Twitter - maybe, but twitter just sucks)
Facebook has always been for just connecting with people you know in real life or have met else where on the internet such as forums.

This is the image I see in my mind, anyways.

Also don't get me wrong. I like both G+ and FB just as much, but they are not really comparable (yet) as they do different things.

Why are you on G+ if you don't think it is social enough?
not evolution but intelligent design ;)
oh what a innovation..............simply great.....................
i dont think like this
it's offensives to others and I am as a Muslim refuses this exceeding...
هذه الممارسة مهينة للاخر و هذا ما لا أقبله كمسلم
its not fun .might be a future.

Overall rating
+1 terminator win:D
So very cool.

I can't wait to have my consciousness placed in a cyborg shell. Take that nature!
its for fun but i m serious abt ur beauty.......
so according to this Twitter is Chuck Norris...
I personally think that Twitter is not SNS. Plus, utterly G+ can be alternative of Twitter, 140 letters restriction? Using Twitter is like ”Foot-binding” / Like A Sort Of Bad Culture (Obsolete, though) of Mainland China / PRC
Actually google+ sucks really...I am very disappointed.
google + is the best plataform in internet
Fabio U
That's awesome :D
interestingly, livejournal's still very in use while friendster and myspace are like obsolete. xD
im waiting very patiently for FB's demise, ive had enough of FB and its time to move on to greener pastures (google+ hurry up.)
But I was using dial-up bulletin boards for networking LONG before LiveJournal...
That's what scares me about + we're less human and more robotic.
Hai Wei
Does that criticize Google+. Too cold, not has humanity?
Where is Hi5? Missing a big step in evolution...That should have been between myspace and Facebook
Ishar J
lol, Twitter?
I had come to think that Google+ can change its figure in various. I mean, the participants can decide how Google+ should be. Very comfortable place it would be. == IMHO ==
+William Grichards :
Now maybe. The relationship of "Followings" / "Followers" is very important for the improvements of Social Net Working. IMHO.
The "Asymmetrical Relationships" can be very often seen in REAL World. Google Plus is in a sense similar to the real world.

Google Plus (Based On HTTP Protocol) can be the alternative of SMTP/NNTP (I mean, e-mail, news etc.) All the contents of SMTP Protocol to Google+ !! Google, Inc. can do IT !!
If Google+ implements "Artificial Intelligence" in true meanings, I think there should not come anything. - haha. (Automatically Evolving Forever)

> +currie cheung
google ray (of light) ??? :D :D :D splendid !!! G-ray alike X-ray B-)
Facebook is at LEAST better than twitter
totally agree i love your post
Reminds of a scene from "The King and I" where Anna is trying to explain to the King why Siam is so small on the map she is using to teach his children.
sure i agree wd Brittany...facebook better then twitter
Would it be possible to get added to the Anime and Manga circle's please?
is there any proof it is fake
Switch LJ with Friendster and remove Orkut and I'm with you.
G+ looks like an attempt to combine the transparency of Twitter with the "chuminess" of fb. Nice try and it needs lots of work. I'll keep my spoon in the pot. For now, I'll stick with Twitter: it's more social and less commercial. Plus, if one so chooses, it can be integrated w/ fb.
Funny that myspace isn't in here. Also, google plus has a long way to go before they have fully evolved.
switch G+ with Live Journal and I'm with ya!
Twitter seemed like a de-evolution to me, I couldn't get interested. Most average people are comfortable on Facebook, even though it doesn't serve its audience well. I can't get many of my friends and family to come over. If it becomes cool and talked about, or makes a break the way Gmail did, it will probably be great. As of now, I feel more like I'm getting feeds via G+ and making comments on them.
All new to this, but lil by little (when I find time to get into this properly), I´ll be back with interesting stuff, toooooo =D
amm.. la verdad. es mucho mejor tumblr que google+ ^^
I think Google+ will not succeed as much as Facebook,,
But Twitter will be successful because it is kinda different!
so true my friend ....

Fittest survives Imao........
sahi hai last me sirf huddiyaan hi bachegi............facebook jitna aage jaa raha hai humara LOVE ORKUT utna hi pichhe.........I wish ek baar fir orkut ka jamana laut aaye
for my story it was
i think twittr should be in the back n fb to be in the back g+
Can anyone provide insight where we are going from here?
Hello TK!!!!!!!!!!! can I call you TK??????????????????
The point of the internet is to let everyone who has a barely functioning brain voice their worthless opinion. This string of replies only proves how humanity has fallen from an intelligent organism to a barely functioning sick animal.

On topic however, Google+ has all the resources they need to shut down FB. Its growing, and FB is scared. Look at all the changes they've made since Google+ has been released.
The Google+ Revolution has begun!
Except that Facebook is miles better than all of them..
++Google would be a lot better :)
Facebook can not be a search engine of whole websites without Yahoo!, Bing or Baidu, however, Google+ can be a search engine. It would be a big difference I think.
Plus, Google+ 's rule is determined by the same rule as Google Search Engine. Really funny and I am a fan of it.
While I'm a fan of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ it's hilarious to see how Google+ is supposedly at the head of the evolution class. Makes you wonder where LinkedIn fell in this evolution chart :)
I could not read ALL previous posts but-- I am mad orkut is in here at all. an twitter is not 'more evolved' than facebook.

I still think u need two things: content and platform. and each service has crap and quality content. each major service is & can be used for narrow, targeted 'audiences' or broad ones. those audiences can be or include personal friends/ acquaintances. THAT is one nice overlap that google did naturally & facebook has JUST caught up on.

tumblr still the only major service that enables users to do 'click-thru' hyperlinks. that is huge! aightbai.
+Arielle Masters :
Terminator? I think that it should be decided by us (users of G+ -- The important thing is NOT technology BUT the philosophy of the Community, I mean, the world of Google Plus!
This is only accurate if it's in order of when they were created/became popular, not which is more advanced.
you think Twitter is further along on the evolutionary scale than Facebook...?
It remains to be seen if google+ is really the next bigtime social media...I'M NOT CONVINCED YET.....
G+ is just orkut with a new skin, as far I'm concerned, Facebook and Twitter are both much better.
I am convinced already :D
(P.S. I am an early adopter of, and )
I love this post. it shows just how awesome google+ is.
i am wondering where MYspace fit into this evolution graph. i thot once apon a time it was a big deal.
@Akemi Mokoto I wouldnt call anything a copy of Facebook. that would be trying to hand Facebook the medal for inventing something it didnt. Facebook took something already created as well. and Facebook has a bad time of it as much as anyone else. there so many things about facebook that suck. i like the circles idea. but i liked facebooks way of blocking people. you just disappeared from everything.
i will like to see wat is comin next after Google+,i know is gonna be awwwwsome:D
really cool am fed up OF FB.... this Evoloution was needed desperatly
Well said. Yes, I think that Facebook needed improvements. Honestly speaking, Google plus as well!!
this is good shit
um, yeah, sure, okay there buddy. cool. yeah. whatever. um, yeah. amazing css scripts and layout and concept and virtual world. advanced with circles. evolution at work. um, yeah, sure, whatever. it's gonna become a wasteland like the other social networks. Sure, its a social network, but thats it. Other than that, a growing wasteland for robots.
And where's the place for Buzz here? The lost link?
TOTAL of "+1" and "shares" hit just 4000!! Amazing! XD XD
Google Buzz? Google, Inc. declared the closure already.
I'm sorry but if g+ represented any kind of actual evolution we'd see something like the creation of new content. We're not, it's just image galleries and video chatting and cat .gifs and star wars jokes and photography. I like the service but let's not be retarded.
+Steve Broome :

IMHO: You are just looking few aspects of Google+, it seems.
The important thing is that Google+ is similar to the algorhythm of Google Search Engine. "+1" means "link" in SEO term, for example. Comments are measure of "Hotness". FolkRank, alternative of PageRank, apparently exists in Google+ . Don't you think it is so much fascinating?
+Tetsuya Kitahata It's less fascinating than it is worrisome that(imo) g+ is going to be placing high value on google+ pages and posts versus websites that have been around for years.

I'm also worried what it means for freedom of expression that google wants to not only control so many things online but threatened to suspend access to all services for violations on this one site. Again, I like the site.
This is HALAIRIOUS! I think Homo Sapiens should be Facebook and the Neanderthal should be Twitter, but is still funny. I think +Rebecca Kukla would like this.
C A Toh
nice....... g+ now looks like the Terminator!
My Story (TIMELINE (lol)) :

(Blog: Movable Type)
Mixi (Japanese Famous SNS)
(Blog: WordPress)
= Satisfied enough (grin)
Are you calling Tom Anderson an early homo sapien?
i feel like from google+ man can only digress
boo Jay
You mean I'm made of metal now!?!??
How about #unthink after G+? Yes too early but why not?
Wow, a flame war on a G+ picture comment; didn't see that one coming ;)
G+ já é a melhor RedeSocial. Só falta as pessoas perceberem isso e migrarem. Cada dia é adicionado mais Google no G+. O FB ficou velho e ultrapassado!
remember orkut was also powered by GOOGLe
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