While I may make light of my negative review...

Earlier today, I made light of a 1 star review I got for Simple Gifts, Complicated Pleasures, because what else can you do? But on the serious side, if anybody has read the book (I did give away 80 copies through Smashwords), and you liked it well enough, I'd really appreciate a couple of reviews to offset the downward pull of 1 star.

Please. Bats eyes winningly.
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Four stars, +Tessie L'Amour, and my review is thusly:

It's called "fantasy" for a reason May 3, 2012
By JennTheGamerMom

I always find it disheartening when reviewers so completely miss the point of a story. Ms L'Amour wasn't going for realism here; it's an erotic fantasy, a what-if. If you want gritty realism about the Amish, perhaps you should steer away from fiction, especially that clearly marketed as such.

(And for the record, I went ahead and paid my .99 plus tax, because geez, the 1-star reviewer was complaining about a FREE copy of a story? Who does that?)
happy to be of service. It was a good story :)
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