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We just released the Deck of Fate Mobile Edition. If you're into FATE, or its many fine variants, have a look!

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I have something I have been just dying to tell everybody, but I have had to be very, very patient, while lawyerly things happened.

We're going to be making the app version of the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game! This Kickstarter Update from Evil Hat explains more:

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Wondrous things afoot.
Official announcement of launch tomorrow, but I went and goofed around on twitter just past midnight and oops look at that

G+. It's not where all my friends are, but it's still a much happier place than Facebook. People talk about programming and RPGs, and it's a nice place to go and just relax for a bit.

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Tabletop Roleplayers:

Hidden Achievement will be launching the Mobile Edition of Evil Hat's Deck of Fate, soon! If you'd like an early sneak peek, drop by the IGDA Austin Chapter booth at the SXSW Gaming Expo, and ask for Tess or Jason!

SXSW Gaming Expo is free to the general public with a Guest Pass. Find out more, here:

Find out more about the original Deck of Fate, here:

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This is one of the things I've been working on. If you're into Fate games, have a look!
Don't mind me, just taking a few screen shots.
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Is it wrong that every time I encounter a new database/spreadsheet tool, the first thing I analyze is, "How would I use this as a tabletop GM?"

I'm a programmer. I should be thinking things like, "How the heck do I get my code to interface with this thing?"

Nah, I think the GM thing makes sense. It allows me to permute use-cases in my head. That's good.

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Was taking some photos for a project I'm working on, and this happened...

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Finally starting up a programmer blog many years after I probably should have.

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I totally look like I'm playing air-DJ.  I got two imaginary turntables and a microphone.
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