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"Tesla Model S is now the undisputed king of the automotive world."
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Got to see one in person the other day.  Absolutely beautiful, can't wait to see what's next!
Man, these things are on fire!
That's a bit of a ridiculous statement. While I'm sure they are great cars for some people, this just makes me like them even less. Where's the passion?
Is it true that if your battery dies your car is worthless or did they come up with a warranty for the battery?
Is it true that if your battery dies your car is worthless or did they come up with a warranty for the battery?
But with more "boy racer" stuff, if you know what that I'd
That's what heard ink if it's true or not but I would like to know
I love it but before I buy it I need to make sure I won't waste .my money
Undisputed king of randomly catching on fire in your driveway. Yup. 
Awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on one!
teslas are great - if you live in california ....  if you live anywhere where its cold - batteries dont last long.
Cool car but if I had my choice the Skyline GTR aka Godzilla would be my choice. 
Were the batteries produced by SONY?
If it wasn't for the petrol companies stuffing things up we would all be driving ev's...since the 20's

If only they made cars for the normal people
+paul phillips EV cars have been around since the late 1800s...  ferdinand porsche made his first electric car in 1908....   but batteries are heavy and expensive - nor do they go very far.   Funny enough the same problems we are dealing with today..
The thing is that they are very unique vehicles and stand out from the crowd lovely car and the touchscreen on the dashboard it's bad ass!!!
The undisputed king of driving less than 200 miles. Seems legit.
Ha!  I dispute this, now please refer to Model S as the "disputed king of the automotive world."
i mean thats what i want in a sports car -  an unsporty look and feel  to an interior to a car which makes no noise or vibration.   takes me 5 minutes to fill the car with fuel - how long is a charge cycle?   ... will it fully charge while im sitting at a restaurant?  .. and where the hell do you plug it in while you're travelling?  
And fuel companies bought the battery technology to be able to control it... Why not use capacitors ???
Can't wait for a review on Top Gear U.K.!
How is anyone going to afford this after the government makes everything"
I'd be happy to take one on a multi-year test drive. ;)
I wish that they would have used a hydrogen fuel cell to power that roadster, it worked for the Apollo missions.
I'm sure the Romney's can afford it. Only he will have to unplug it, because he being back by the big oil companies. Nice car and I am sure their is a market for them. It's a rich man or woman (GREEN) fun machine.
It's not for everyone, but if you can afford it, don't need to drive long distances, and live in an area where there are charging stations being rolled out, it's got to be a real temptation. It's on my list for sure. 
Beautiful, fast and fuel efficiency what more can you ask
All of the ignorant banter being thrown about kind of makes me depressed... I didn't realize Google+ was becoming like Facebook so quickly! A little bit of research before posting is recommended if you're going to be making a statement.
I'm waiting for extension cord technology to improve before I get into the electric car market.
I still say that Tesla Motors should have been headquartered in the metro-Detroit area. 
I'd buy one if these is a heartbeat! If I could afford it.
Dejan Jancevski maybe they will go for a more central location for their next factory.  I know here in Minnesota we just had a Ford factory finally shut down. 
Id buy one as well if I could...Im a Lotus owner so I have a passion  Tesla as well.
Well it's not the king because it is way over priced. 
I just came back from a 140 mile ride in Model S 000000001 and it was FLAWLESS. 

A perfect trip except for the fact that we got mobbed at the hotel valet by people with dozens of questions about the car. 

The first two folks i showed the car to on Saturdya put deposits dow on Monday. 
Alas, They first failed miserably.(tried to silicon valley a car! maroons!) Now, all their eggs are in one basket. I've already seen the Jaguar S type. Maybe they can work for O'bama and steal instead! 
nice car if i would be rich i would buy this car
telsa sucks its just like another electric car so its so slow
If you listen to the "White"  album by the Beatles, backwards, you can hear these words...Tesla...Satan...Tesla....Satan
Tesla ranks with Jobs, with Edison, with Franklin, with... well let's hear it from you all, what do you think (c'mon, it won't hurt)?
Remember to include a low-end model in the line... learn from Honda and SGI (went out of biz because of no bottom cover).
+Tesla Motors This statement can be either of three things: Completely false, an advertising pitch, or an overly hyped-about car article. Take your pick.
#Tesla motors should come down to planet earth and start building real connection with its customers... the earthlings.
The model s is nice but I still wish the roadster would come back :'(
An extremely expensive toy for the very rich.  It would take generations to recoup the investment by factoring in reduced energy costs.  The only was to produce electricity to power  vehicles  that actually operate on our highways in the real world is by the use of fuel cells.  NASA has successfully been using fuel cells for decades because they have few moving parts and they are very reliable.  Up until now, they have needed pure hydrogen to work, but that requirement may be changing.
I'm sure Rick Ross will buy one soon. After all, he's so "sophisticated". (Ha Ha)
Hate the sound of the "Tesla".

Hey man, guess what I just bought?  A Tesla.  Yeah, sounds like a musical instrument brand and not a super car.
That's great Tesla, now do I need to remind you that your Namesake refused money for the greater good? Bring me one that we can afford and I'll let you keep the name of a great man who gave the world every ounce of his genius to move us forward.
You mean the opposite of Paul Ryan? Sounds about right.
If only I can afford that car...... If only!
pretty cool
Sure, Range Rovers - cool!
if you could get rich wanking, we might all drive  such cars
+Charles Garnier Fuel cells might advance and be a great choice in the future. The technology which is ready now is in the Model S.

I suspect it will be much easier and less costly to roll out a cross country charging network, then solve the problems with hydrogen storage, fuel cell cost and reliability, and build a massively more expensive hydrogen fueling infrastructure.
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