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Do not make false edits to original portals available in Sri Lanka to satisfy your own/team's gameplay and for the ease of accessibility.

This is regarding when agents move real portals (which are in public places / where people can enter upon permissions / situated in secured places) from their original locations to other places as a lame advantage of reaching them easily. Similar cases have happened in the past and it seems they still appear. Imagine how it's like to hack the 'Monastery on Bible Rock' portal from the main road considering the ease of accessibility?.

Therefore please refrain from making such edits to portal locations when they stand at their correct places. If you have any appeals regarding publicly non accessible or secured portals, make a post here for the public to respond.
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See, this is why we think you are a utter moron. I explicitly say they are valid portals, and you start spouting some utter moronic rubbish.  Can't even understand something that simple, but wants to talk about everything. 
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It's been awhile that I've climbed the 15th step of this weirdly adventurous game. it was a tracker for my treks and journeys. January, last year was when I was introduced to this community by my office colleague @Suzj( +susitha janaka​​) who chose to play for the opposition while I decided to stay in Enlightened. Within the 1st week I could reach level 4 surpassing my guru by keeping the pace till level 8, which was then achieved on March 7th 2014 at Town Hall. Weeks, months and a year past I am here as the fourth in the country to unlock level 15 in my hometown Nugegoda, and I humbly enjoyed the moment for awhile with wishes received from both teams. The specialty of the day was, three more agents from the community turned level 15 after me, within 24 hours.

For like nearly one and a half years I gained a lot of things in my life through this weird but beautiful game. Other than the game achievements, most importantly it's friends and people I won. The least I've gained was the foes, but yeah there are a few, whom I wish not to talk or move with. Thanks to Ingress FS event I could extend my arms of friendship across the teams. I think the biggest in-game enemy was @CluZuu( +Ravinga Wickramanayaka​​) who wasn't that aggressive when he patted on my back with a smile at Ingress FS and I realized that sometimes enemies are kinder than some friends. Agent @aParajitha was the eldest I met in my first faction meet up, when I was level 6. Only a few can match that name with his current one.

After climbing fifteen steep steps, I wish to take some rest before the last step. So this won't be that usual come back retirement some have announced in the past. The pace will be slower and I will allocate a limited time for Ingress from now onward.

However I wish to thank several agents from my team starting from @SLpooh( +Pubudu Tennakoon​​)
and the donors of gear @sirStinkySocks( +Yasith Abeynayaka​​), @Ey3oftheTigeR( +Ashan Perera​​), @M3lroX( +Melani De Silva​​), @cry4rock( +Indunil Sandaruwan​​),@wrathmachine( +Thilina Guluwita​​).
Apart from those I thank @Chopz( +Dumidu Gunawardana​​),@DonnieX64( +Donovan Abeyewardene​​),@Bodmaz( +Ranuka Carim​​) for helping me level up, @raitoyagami( +Sachith Maduranga​​),@P3ricles( +Preveen Rodrigo​​),@Duval( +Kulendra Janaka​​) for making us aware of the back story findings, 
@maku13s1( +Thiwanka Makumburage​​), @SaintGIf( +Indika de Silva​​), @IfeelYouJohanna( +Gehan Somanader​​),@lordrodriguez( +janaka rodrigo​​) for helping me beautify my agent stats,
and all who participated in farming meetups whenever I organized them, all who supported during t-shirt printing projects and the rest who motivated me and taught me how to play this game.

Special thank goes to @Suzj for introducing this to me and the Resistance rivals that kept me going to reach my goals and targets.

See y'all back in the field.
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Congratulations :-) 
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Something good if we can do, because our community is big now.
03/30/2015 - DMV, US:  Seven Enlightened Agents from the Herndon, Sterling, Reston, and Chantilly DMV-Enlightened group came together, and completed the philanthopic Ingress Mission, "Together We Can."  Completion of this mission by the 7 Enlightened Agents yielded 172 pounds of nonperishable food to the local +Dulles South Food Pantry.

Congratulations to our local Enlightened Agents,
+Beth Hynson ,+Nicole Williamson, +Tony Washer, +Peter Hesse, +Pam Sapyta, +PraxisLight for being so selfless in their giving to those in need who live in our area. You have earned not only a mission badge, but the sense of pride that comes with helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

I challenge our local Resistance leadership, and others in the local Enlightened community to organize their own group running of this mission, and to help us make a bigger positive impact on the hungry that also live in our communities.

+Justin Jackson +Chris Pugrud 
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you guys didn't sing "nobala"!!! what a shame!
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Do not mess with me & double the mess on you.
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