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Eh, I don't know, +Terry White.  What's the killer feature that makes this worth upgrading?  The fact that the new DX sensor size is a 1.3x crop instead of 1.5x?  The fact that this camera now has even more than the already-too-many-16 megapixels?  Or is there something else that I'm missing?
The D7100 has a totally new sensor, and unique in Nikon's product line-up. The D7100's sensor, for the first time eva in Nikon world, lacks an optical low-pass filter (OLPF). The D800E has the low pass filter 'cancelled out', but the D7100, like the Pentax K-5 IIs, omits it altogether. 
+Andrew Shinn The sensor is still 1.5x. The 1.3x crop is a feature similar to the DX crop on an FX sensor. It gives you a 13MP file, and slight increase in frame rate. 
+Andrew Shinn What Howard said and the fact that :
 1 - Uses the EXPEED 3 engine
 2- Advanced Multi-CAM 3500DX with 51, 15 cross-type focus points
 3- AF up to f/8
 4- New movies modes if thats important :)

But ... fills up buffer at 9 Images against the 15 of the d7000 ...
So if this things are important to you then upgrade if not , don't :)
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