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How To Get Started with Adobe Muse - 10 Things Beginners Want to Know How To Do
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Thank you +Terry White I love Muse and I'm building my new site, can wait to share it, coming soon!
Great video as usual Terrry, thanks a million! ..just one quick question about it. You clearly explained in the tut that Muse does not create/edit blogs but in the reference example you gave ( when you hit on 'blog' it does not redirects you elsewhere, or at least it doesn't look that way, instead it loads the blog entries right there.. so, is this possible or was that done in a different/specific way? Thanks!
+Maria Mania Thanks! Let me clarify, Muse does NOT create or edit blogs. The MacGroup blog is a wordpress blog and was created before Muse even existed. All I simply did was create a blank page in the Muse site called Blog and edit the menu to point to the URL for the Wordpress blog instead of the blank Muse page. Also I tried to make the Muse site and Blog look as close as possible by using the same colors, logo, visual elements, etc.
Thanks +Terry White that certainly clears it up! ;) I'm really looking forward to use Muse more and your video helped A LOT! Cheers!
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