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Ignore where I SAY 2016. It was 2015! this day 3 years ago

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OMG, what was I thinking! Excited about winter? The cold is invigorating? heheheheh yea, sure Terry :P

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Empathy Prevails

The tension was high,
Felt near and far.
From East Coast to West,
Australians’ listened hard.

For the country was tasked,
Tasked with a job,
A job to make all equal,
Not just rights for one mob.

As the seconds approached,
10am the deadline.
Many a person hoped.
It would pass this time.

For if Man loves a Man,
Or Woman Loves A woman.
It’s none of our business,
not me, nor you or the institution.

The time, it was reached,
The survey, read out,
And Tension so thick,
You could cut it, no doubt.

Slowly he read,
As stats were explained.
Then the time was upon us,

62 To 38,
The result was in favour!
The job had been done,
The yes vote had won!

Now we must wait,
Wait on the powers that be.
To do the right thing,
By all and sundry.

Legalize SSM,
We demand it of you,
In our democracy,
The majority’s voiced its view.

So Malcolm and the crew,
We hand this task to you.
And we hope you do right,
But For now, I bid you, Ado.

Terry West
Copyright 2017

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