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Last evening's sunset over Lake Onalaska in Onalaska, WI.

My first sunset photograph with my new Tamron SP 24-70mm lens! Besides the lens, I decided to try something else for the first time. I received a fluorescent filter as part of my lens purchase and I'd recently watched a video of a 'tog using one for sunsets. So, this is my result using that filter on the front of my lens. Yes, I ran the photo through #LightroomCC , but it honestly didn't need much work! The colors you see are very close to how they came out of the camera, which I found to be astonishing!

Let me know what you think!

#sunset   #sunsetsniper   #eveningsky   #sunsetporn   #colorful   #beautiful   #lake   #reflection   #ripples   #airplane   #bluffs   #cloudporn   #nature #canon   #canonphotography   #tamronlens   #canon_shooter  
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Surreal. I like it. 
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Terry Sutlick

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Replica ships of the Nina & Pinta have been docked in La Crosse, WI since the middle of last week. I finally got a chance to check them out last evening and these are a few of my resulting photos.

A friend and I plan on going back Monday after work to shoot them from a different angle before the sun sets.
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Thanks +Terry Sutlick​. 😊
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Terry Sutlick

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I shot a friend's grandson & his date for their Prom a couple weeks ago. I'm really happy with how this one turned out!

I shot it with my Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD lens, but I really wish I had the same lens in the 24-70mm variation. Once I get that one, I think I might try senior portraits & more shoots like this one.

#Canon   #7DMarkII   #Tamron   #Prom   #Portrait   #Couple #HighSchool   #LaCrosse   #Wisconsin  
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Terry Sutlick

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My other photography tools. MacBook Pro (or my iMac), Beats Wireless, and coffee (not pictured!). More life issues in the form of a failed vehicle transmission have, once again, interfered in my plans to get shooting & posting!
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Hi +Terry Sutlick, yes life issues do happen. I look at what is around me and continue clicking. I hope you keep clicking.
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Terry Sutlick

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My daughter and I got matching Celtic knot tattoos while visiting San Diego in February on our backs at the base of our necks. I was thinking of getting the symbols in this screenshot inked down my spine below the original tattoo.

What is it?

It's the Ogham transliteration of my daughter's first & middle names, from bottom to top.

I know tattoos are very personal, but I'm just looking for a little input on this. Thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Meh?

Let me know!
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Terry Sutlick

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Imperial Beach Sunset - in watercolor.

#ImperialBeach #SanDiego #sunset #beach #watercolor #Canon #7DMarkII 
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Terry Sutlick

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Floral Bokeh

Taken with my Canon 7D Mark II and Tamron SP 70-200mm Di VC USD lens with a 21mm macro tube mounted tucked neatly between them. I really enjoy shooting flowers with shallow DoF!

#Canon   #7DMkII   #TamronLens   #flowers   #bokeh   #MacroTube   #LaCrosse   #Wisconsin  
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Terry Sutlick

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Last evening's Summer Solstice / Strawberry Moon

Taken from a factory parking lot on Brice Prairie - part of Onalaska, WI - I braved swarms of the Wisconsin state bird - the dreaded mosquito - to make this photo a reality.

This was my second attempt at photographing the full moon with this particular gear. This time was much more successful than the first. I must say I'm quite happy with the result.

Canon 7D Mark II & Tamron SP 70-200mm Di VC USD lens.
Shot at 200mm, ISO 100, f/4, 1/800.
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Terry Sutlick

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So much for being fully active by yesterday, huh? ☺

Working two jobs and dealing with a quite a bit of rain lately has kept me from shooting.

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Terry Sutlick

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After quite a long absence peppered with short visits, I'm going to make a serious attempt to be much more active here on Google+. I had some personal issues over the last year that zapped my passion for photography and the related social networking. Hopefully I can get back into the full swing of things with my G+ friends!!

It's not exactly a stellar photo - actually, just a quick snapshot - but I'm starting out by proudly showing that I've completely switched to Mac computers! Got an absolutely amazing deal on the 27" iMac about a week ago, so I'm fully invested now. (My friend/co-worker that I bought the iMac from says he'll know the transformation is complete when I switch to iPhone! Sorry, Mac... not happening! This guy is Android phones all the way!)

I hope to be posting regularly by week's end! Oh, and I'll also share some exciting news soon, too!
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Terry Sutlick

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Lake Onalaska Sunset

Gear: Canon 7D Mark II, Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD
Editing: Lightroom CC & Topaz Glow
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Terry Sutlick

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Sunset at Imperial Beach, CA last month

Taken with: Motorola X Pure Edition 2015.
Edited with: Snapseed.
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+Marvin C Thanks!
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I have a knack for remembering numbers, but I hate math... strange combo.
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Aspiring amateur photographer.
Photography is my passion. I rediscovered it in early 2013 and have been honing my skills since. I started with Pentax gear, but have since switched to Canon and am very happy with it!

My gear includes:
  • Canon 7D Mark II camera body
  • Canon EF 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 V USM lens
  • Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM lens
  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens
  • Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD lens
  • Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD lens
  • Meike camera grip
  • Yongnuo YN600EX-RT flash
I have mainly shot landscapes & seascapes to date with a few portraits mixed in here and there. Hopefully, I can expand my portrait work & get better over time.

I reside in La Crosse, WI. Grew up in San Diego, CA & visit as often as I can. At one time I had eventual plans to move back to Southern California, but since my adult children are here in the upper Midwest, I'll call this home for the foreseeable future... possibly permanently. 

Unless shared from another Google+ user or otherwise noted, all photos on my profile are of my own creation; All Images © 2013-2015 Terence "Terry" Sutlick.
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