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Terry Smith
Your Guide For Finding The Home You'll Love! Specialty Real Estate Brokerage - Owner
Your Guide For Finding The Home You'll Love! Specialty Real Estate Brokerage - Owner

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Pre-Market Opportunity! Check it out...

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Saw this at the vet today! Your cat is a work of art! A live sculpture, indeed!

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Real Estate Price by State
Of all 50 states only 7 are in positive territory since the CRASH!
We are very fortunate in Texas...check out the infographic...
#realestatenews   #texas  

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I want this electric skateboard for the weekend. How about you?

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Arbor Hills Nature Preserve After the Rain
Arbors Hills is a 200 acre sanctuary park following strict Audubon guidelines.

Photo is early Saturday morning after a fierce rainstorm.
#planotx   #arborhills   #recreation  

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Plano Home Values are UP!
Have you noticed how fast homes are selling in your neighborhood? 

There is unprecedented buyer demand in Plano but not enough homes for sale.

So buyers are patiently waiting and waiting and….

Plano home values are up 5% to 10% or MORE from last year depending on the neighborhood.

We’re seeing sellers cashing out 50K to 100K or more! Seriously.

If you bought during the downturn you could reap the rewards....

#planorealestate   #sellersmarket   #realestateagent  

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Why is Empirical on IndieGoGo?
With your help & support, Empirical Brewery will build a tasting room in Chicago for all to enjoy.

We love beer and we want to share a lot of it with you. 

With your support, we will open the Empirical Tasting Room by April, 2015 at 1801 W. Foster Ave.

The Empirical method involves using your feedback to drive product development, and we are eager to be able to share our many experimental beers with you.

What a novel idea!, check it out....

Thank you for supporting the Empirical Tasting Room, your help is crucial to us.
#empiricalbrewing  #beerlovers   #chicago  
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