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Terry Sasayama
A bookworm, perpetual learner
A bookworm, perpetual learner

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Charity sprouts in diversity and difference.
Sprinkle the water of smiles and light of love, instead of herbicide of ridicule and indifference.

【On Charlie Hebdo attacks in France】

Avant-garde, eccentricity, and creativity. They are all fine.
An unreserved blow with a filthy cartoon to a specific individual, however, based plausibly on freedom of expression, can be counted as a hate speech. That could not also be ignored.

Muslims are often criticized of being "fanatic" by those who are as well fanatic on free expression. How ironic.

Empathic grace first. That's the beginning of everything.


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【Think twice】

A: Only 5 to 10 percent of the fact about the whole universe is known to the humankind. The rest is made of Dark Matter and Energy. Likewise, human brain merely utilizes its tip-of-the-iceberg potential of 5 to 10 percent. Therefore! we must learn to make it work to the fullest!

B: What happens to your computer if the CPU utilization rate reaches 100%?

A: It freezes.

B: Did you get the point?

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Uploaded some pictures of sceneries in the city I live in.

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