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Terry J. Hodgkinson - Published Author/Master Trainer/International Retreat Leader
Terry J. Hodgkinson - Published Author/Master Trainer/International Retreat Leader


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Meditation and the Calming Effect
By Owen Durkin
October 18, 2017

Meditation… as the lovely Miss Katey from the popular Canadian show Letterkenney would say: “not my forte”.
As much as I understood the benefits and have observed the results both personally, and in the people I admire who practice regularly, getting the grey matter dialed-down enough to actually put myself “in the zone” was something else altogether. It was always a hit and miss proposition. Some days, it was easy enough to settle in, while other days I felt like it was simply out of reach for me.
The anxiety of not being able to calm down, of second-guessing and over-thinking suggestions has at times, frustrated me. I wanted to be able to get to that place where I could start to absorb a little of the benefits of meditating, and it led to something akin to 'performance anxiety'; something artists and athletes among others struggle with.
The turning point came when I recognized the impact of the mind-body link, and learned to use my breath as a means of altering my physiology enough to create a calm space to use as the ‘platform’ from which to base my experiences with meditation.
My friend and mentor Terry Hodgkinson authored a series of audio meditations, and the first one has become that platform. The “Panther Stillness” meditation is Terry’s nature-based adaptation of Buddhist meditations called Vipassanā and Samatha.
The Panther Stillness program starts with Samatha, effective in ‘stilling’ the mind and body, before transitioning to Vipassanā, or the practice of awareness without reacting. Picture a big black panther perched in a tree, completely still and aware of all activity on the ground, calm and calculating. It will sit there until the precise moment to react arises. Its survival depends on its stealth.
Samatha is a meditative practice that centres around breathing as a means of stilling the mind, and with a little practice, I’ve found that it works well for me. In fact, most hypnosis practices begin by having the patient breathe deeply as a means of relaxation.
Awareness without immediate response is possible when our physiology and mindset are aligned, and solutions begin to emerge from our own intuition and resonate, urging us toward the direction most beneficial to ourselves and others whom we care about.
A word about Buddhism: it’s considered a philosophy, not a religious faith, and in no way contradicts any belief system you may personally embrace. There’s a lot of wisdom in the Buddhist tradition, and much of it has been adapted into the “Wandering Ninja” guided meditation sessions included in the Braintap program I’m using.
Anyone wrestling with the challenges of getting themselves “in the zone” in order to meditate might want to check out Terry’s Panther Stillness adaptation of both Vipassanā and Samatha…it’s a pretty simple, effective way to incorporate meditation into your day. Twenty minutes alone in a quiet space is all it takes...

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Terry Hodgkinson Shifu introduces the Taoist Microcosmic Orbit meditation.

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How The Mind Changes Genes Through Meditation, is a very enlightening and powerful article by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho who is co-founder and director of the London based Institute of Science and Society.

Every year that passes science unveils the importance of #meditation; whether it's sitting or moving as in #Qigong or #TaiChi more people should be practicing for the powerful-healthy results on mind and body. I have been teaching meditation, Qigong and Tai Chi since age 16, observing over the years the positive effects meditation had first on me and my students and clients. I've always said that it's better to Meditate than Medicate!

Read this brilliant article and you will see what I mean. If you are interested in learning meditation, Qigong and Tai Chi, consider joining me on one of my retreats where this is exactly what we focus on. More information can be found regarding my retreats here:

If you can't join me on a retreat then you can also benefit from our #BrainTap Technology that you can use right in the comfort of your home. It's a method helping you meditate so easily, even people who have said they could never meditate before find it easy to do. To check out the BrainTap advantage and it's positive benefits, you can visit:

Feel free to ask me for a 30 day FREE pass so you can listen to over 700 titles from our BrainTap online library. Oh and by the way, there is no credit card and no obligation required for you to take me up on this offer.

Feel free to contact me regarding any of the information above and let's get meditating! - Terry J. Hodgkinson, MindFit Coach

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Paul Kearns speaks about his martial arts training Terry Hodgkinson Sifu.

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Chung Fu Martial Arts Meditation - Terry Hodgkinson's School of Learning in Toronto.
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