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so, just watched the rainbow vsauce episode (I know, I'm late). As I watched I was hoping to get an explanation for an experience I had years ago (ok, like 1996 or something). I was driving and could see a rainbow to my right. I lose sight of rainbow behind trees (not to mention I'm driving 55 in rain around a bend). Turn the bend and suddenly all I see are rainbows. Like, where ever I looked. Little ones, bigger ones. Freaky. I know I'll get grief for mentioning it, but if someone could explain or at least say they had the same kind of experience (and mean it), I'd feel better. Rainbow vision not an everyday thing (never before, never after). 

Terry DeRoche

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Drawings from High School 1984-1985
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We weren't really aiming to have lunch there, circumstances led us to the area. We had been before but didn't explore anything outside of onion rings and beer so I was a little hesitant about spending our lunch afternoon there. I ordered the Shrimp Caminada Po-Boy with concern since it was a $17 sandwich, $2 for fries and the description didn't really jump off the page. I received a mess of a sandwich and by that I mean a most beautiful mess. The herbs were incredibly fresh and added delicious dimension to the citrusy and slightly buttery shrimp. There was the slightest hint of heat but nothing to damage the palate. All in all it was the best darn sandwich I've had in a very long time. A little pricey, a lot tasty.
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First visit - thought we'd use a coupon we had. Wife suggested the small plate of Fish Croquettes with Aioli, I was hesitant. Dish came out and it was a winner! Wonderful and delightful. Dinner plates were fair - I had the Ahi with chimichurri and it was good (and excellently priced at $18); wife had the chicken which she wasn't a fan of, but then again she doesn't like pan seared anything. Service outstanding. Beer selection good (love the local choices). Would return for more small plates!
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Nifty Car rental is NOT on O'Keefe. Why Nifty lists O'Keefe as their address on their own website is a complete mystery.. The actual address is: 2070 Poydras St New Orleans, LA 70112
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My wife and I are buying a home for the first time and we were in a hurry to get an inspector in time for all that crazy paperwork that has to be done. Our first call was for a realtor inspector, but seeing as how it was the Thanksgiving week, they were on vacation. Our next call was to Thomas at Sunshine and I tell you I am so glad we did. He came two hours early to get a headstart on the inspection, and was incredibly thorough. He told me all the things he was seeing as we walked through together, and I got schooled on housing codes, meteorology and what felt like every inch of our new home to be. Wonderfully personable and occasionally witty :) I would recommend Thomas for your home inspection - he's not closely associated with realtors, so you know he's not trying to "sell you" the house. Smart guy, good stuff.
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iPhone problem - walked in to get help and there was nothing they could do. They gave me the number for Lakeside. Well, if they're just gonna direct problems to Lakeside seems to me that maybe they should pack up and just move there...
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