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Wow Apple, give it a rest. They've started bullying retail stores now. For every action, there is a reaction. Going thermal nuclear could back fire in your face big time.

I just had a co-worker walk into my office and ask to see my Nexus S. He was the one that spearheaded getting the whole office moved over to Apple phones (we upgraded from Blackberry, I was able to get a Nexus S after some troubles with two iPhones) and he said that if Apple didn't come out with something really good, he'll probably be going Android.

That's impressive.
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You don't think Apple's patent claim is valid? Or that stores should be able to sell a product that violates laws? I think Samsung and the stores that carry their products must have known the risk and decided to go ahead. I'm as tired of the patent crap as anyone, but Apple may have a case here. Disclaimer: I have been using Macs since the 1980s and Android since the G1 phone was introduced, and my current phone is Android. 
The ban was lifted on the Nexus device and the "possible" infringement has been removed from Android OS in the mean time. The device is allowed to be sold. Apple just have to wait for the courts to decide.

Stores shouldn't be able to sell products, if they are actually found to be in violation. At this point they haven't been.

Universal search (which is the focus of the ban on the Nexus) is not new, it's not an Apple first. There is prior art, so we'll have to see what the judge decides.
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