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Turn it off.

Seinfeld writer says 'it's pretty galling' that Steve Bannon still earns royalties 

Call the White House comment line and tell them the media isn't your enemy - fascism is. 202-456-1111

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We need to put this on the ballot every year until it passes.

Who funds California politicians? Initiative would have them wear the answer 

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Californians who send Repiglicans to the state assembly and to Congress always have and always will whine that Democrats don't understand them when in fact they are to blame. This is a typical response from victims of domestic abuse. However, California is too big in geography and GDP to have a paltry two Senators. The bigger the state the less representation its residents receive. The Constitution is a flawed document that was designed to be altered when times changed. At the time of ratification, California was a region of Mexico. Constitutional Originalists impede our nation's progress. They are also liars. Their real objective is to rewrite the Constitution so that only billionaires can vote. Once that happens - and it will, via an Article V convention - they will vote away their obligation to pay taxes while compelling everyone else to pay tribute. Please refer to Mexico to see how well that works out.
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