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Nature photographer, wildlife enthusiast
Location: Northern California, near Sacramento

I have loved taking photographs my whole life, but only started using a DSLR camera in 2010.

I'm trying to improve my technique and post processing skills. As part of that effort, my goal is to post at least one photo every day that I have internet access.

That means, that while I enthusiastically view, comment on, and +1 other people's photos, what I post is my own work, mostly of wildlife, flowers, and birds. Taking pics of family and friends is fun, too, but I usually share those privately.

Please feel free to comment on the photos. It helps to know what people like, and I welcome suggestions on how I could make the images better and more appealing.
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  • Pearson
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Terrie Gray

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I walked around the neighborhood a couple of hours yesterday and was dismayed to find very few bees out. That got me wondering how widespread this scarcity is, so I created a 5-question survey in the hopes of satisfying my curiosity. If you have a couple of minutes please add your answers. Once you fill it out, you can see how everyone else responded. THANKS (After a few days, I'll report the results here.)
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Az élőhelyek megváltozása , nem csak egyes fajok , hanem egész populációk tűnhetnek el , vagy keletkezhetnek . Borul az ökoszisztéma .
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Terrie Gray

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+William Shackelford Thanks -- both were a factor of the setting. The bird was near me, so I couldn't get it all in the frame, and the sunlight poured on it, so the background looked dark. 
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Terrie Gray

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This afternoon I waited and waited in the backyard for a butterfly to visit the butterfly bush. Since none did, I practiced taking hummingbird shots instead.

#hqspbirds  +HQSP Birds 
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#bellesphotos  +Belles photos 
#btpbirdpro  +BTP Bird Pro +PRO Winners 
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+Gautier Vervoitte I have to remind myself how lucky we are to have hummingbirds here and that many of my G+ friends have never seen them!
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Terrie Gray

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I was so happy to see this tree swallow gathering nesting materials and then flying into the nesting cavity. This was a few weeks ago; I bet the chicks are hatched and gone by now. (Mather Lake, in Sacramento, California)

#hqspbirds  +HQSP Birds 
#btpbirdpro  +BTP Bird Pro 
#wildlifewednesday  +Mike Spinak +Morkel Erasmus 
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#wildlifeinthecity  +WILDLIFE in the City +Edith Kukla 
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+Terrie Gray kindly shot ! like the great first flight. happy day : )
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Terrie Gray

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Pond Posse
If I sit down near the edge of our neighborhood pond to take photos, the gang of teenage geese trots over, hoping for a handout. 

#hqspbirds  +HQSP Birds 
#wildlifeinthecity  +WILDLIFE in the City 
#animalia  +Animalia +Adelphe BACHELET 
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+Naturpunkt by Gina M. and +Doina Ghinea Thanks for commenting!
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Terrie Gray

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Springtime bee on the stem of a blackberry blossom

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#btpmacropro  +BTP Macro Pro . founded by +Rinus Bakker , owned by +Nancy Dempsey, curated by +Kenny Jones
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+Terrie Gray great shot ! so precious Bees and Life ! blessings ; )
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Terrie Gray

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beautiful place and shot, amazing!
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