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Just Another Day

+Liz Lui and I actually don't celebrate Valentine's day. This isn't because we have been together for years; we have never celebrated this holiday. We are just one of those couples that believes in celebrating our love every day of the year, not some arbitrary day in February. In most cases, we purposefully avoid any displays of affection simply because doing so is very inconvenient on this day since there are crowds at restaurants and candy stores and the prices of things are usually jacked up.

But given all the love going around on G+ by the likes of +Michael O'Reilly , +Sharon Strandskov , and others I decided to at least tell my wife very publicly what she has meant to me over the last year. I've done it before ( ) but let me do it again. I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for Liz. She lets me accomplish things I never thought I could. This startup journey has not been easy and there are times I doubt if I did the right thing. But just one smile from her is enough to convince me that I did. I didn't know what it meant to have a complete life until she came along. I try to tell her that every day and this day should be no different even if everyone else is doing it with their loved ones. So thanks Liz. I love you.

Even if you are like me and don't celebrate this holiday, that doesn't mean you should let what the rest of the world dictate what you should be doing anyway, telling the people who matter the most to you how much they matter every day.
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Sweet. Wishing you both more love and happiness.
right. everyday should be valentine's day for couples :)
Synchronicity, or maybe just coincidence. I was just mulling over that Rena and I are pretty much the same way.
Well, said. I tell those who matter what they mean to me all the time, I don't need Hallmark to tell me when that is appropriate.
Yep, just another day for me, too.

/still single
I don't think +Beenish Syed and I have ever really celebrated Valentine's day. We like to be spontaneous.
+Khawar Syed I think that's the best way to look at it. I think Liz and I just feel that if we celebrate today, it is kind of obligatory. What about love should be obligatory? It should be like you mention, spontaneous.
Great post +Terrence Lui!

I've been married for 23.5 years. :-) My wife and I don't "do" Valentines Day, but we have nothing against it. Today, for us, was/is a time to take our 14 year old to get his braces removed and then to share some treats with him that he hasn't been able to touch for 2.5 years. We did tell each other "I love you", but that's something I believe should be said repeatedly, out loud, each and every day.
+Sharon Strandskov , thanks. That's what a guy wants to hear, that he is "cute" by a pretty girl. {Stands up straight. Fixes Hair. Puffs Out Chest. Tries to look Macho} JK :)
Out of 10 years, this is the first year my girl and I are making any effort to celebrate. but only because we've not really had much time for each other lately. Also we've started placing random Date nights on our calendars in an effort to spend more time together.
My wife and I celebrate because it is fun. That is all.
Liz Lui
As always, +Terrence Lui, thank you for thinking of me. I am grateful for your love every day :)
Tom Lee
You guys are a very nice couple. Best !
You both are very luck to have one another. Best wishes to you both for a long and happy life together.
You sir are a lucky man! 
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