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Why It's Awesome to Work @ Google

It is a beautiful 70 degree day in Mountain View.  I was riding my Google Bike back from another building where I had a very good Google provided lunch.  While Google has a lot of nice perks, they pale in comparison to the real reason it's awesome to work at Google.

On my way back, a driver jumped out of his car in the middle of traffic.  Why did he do this?  He wanted a picture of a Google Self-Driving Car that was stopped waiting to make a turn.   It's not like its some super secret project where nobody knows what it looks like but this gentleman just felt compelled to get proof that he saw one in person.  I just love the fact that we work on such interesting and wonderful things that people get that excited.  
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I R Jealous of U. :)  I wish I could work for a company with a mindset like Google.
Google is making really great products for sure.
A lot of people asked me if I work for Google whenever I'm wearing Google Glass, and they always get excited when I do a demo or let them try. I totally understand the feeling. 
You do need a market researcher I am sure...
If Google were doing all these just to do it for employee retention it would probably be worth it.  
said no employee of apple EVER. Google FTW. 
+Leon Sergiyenko oh I know some employees at Apple that are pretty happy.  I'm sure it's a great place to work.  But seriously for a second.  Does Apple have a single idea cooler than self-driving cars or giving the world internet access via balloons? 
+Terrence Lui I must admit that I have done this lol. I then was super excited when my image appeared on streetview with me taking a picture of the car.
+Terrence Lui the "Moonshots" thing I think is what I like the most about Google... It honestly seems like +Larry Page  is just a sci-fi geek who's fed up that we don't have all that cool stuff you see in future movies.

I'm fed up too. Bring on the Moonshots! :D
Hopefully, they'll add some more dogfooding of it. :)
I'd like to think that Jeff Bezos' purchase of The Washington Post is a in similar vein. In that case, he's "merely" trying to help journalism survive in today's digital world. (He has funded other "moonshots", such as Twitter, Uber taxi service, and Makerbot 3D printing.
+Evan Brody I'm wondering how long until Kindle Fire's start coming with a subscription to a digital version of the WP.
Is there a human driver inside when it's moving, as a backup, in case there are problems?

Eventually, the need for that will seem as quaint as the "horse heads" seen on a few very early automobiles, so as not to scare other carriage-riders.
+Evan Brody I'd like to think that Jeff Bezos' purchase of The Washington Post is a in similar vein. In that case, he's "merely" trying to help journalism survive in today's digital world.

I assume Jeff Bezos expects to make money from the WaPo purchase.  The question is how he plans to do so.  The most obvious answer is move it online and kill the print edition. 
I get the same feeling designing airplanes and see plane spotters outside the airfield trying to get pics of the latest prototype. Of course I pretend they are sad geeks, but still feel good inside.
+Terrence Lui On my way back, a driver jumped out of his car in the middle of traffic.  Why did he do this?  He wanted a picture of a Google Self-Driving Car that was stopped waiting to make a turn.

I hope the traffic wasn't such that doing so could cause a cascade failure.  People who do things like that are normally called "idiots"...
+Dennis McCunney , it wasn't that egregious.  The driver wasn't blocking the flow of traffic in any bad way.  It was just very odd to see a man standing in the middle of the road trying to get the picture.  
+Hannah Johnson , if you know a googler it's possible.  But believe me, it isn't that interesting.  I recently had guest and gave them the tour.  I felt like it was actually kind of boring.  At the end of the day, it's just a bunch of buildings where we work :)
I guess the guy wasn't using Google Glass to get the picture!
Its how I'll be when I see Google glass in person. 
Ironic in that the self-driving car would never create that kind of road/driving hazard by stopping in the middle of the road to gawk at a human.
I would totally jump out of my car and take a picture!
+Hannah Johnson , that's fair.  I think I'm a boring tour guide because I don't always see the beauty in the mundane (for me)
I've often wondered how a self driving car would fair in West Virginia, where i now live. Is it subject to hitting a random deer? 
A Streetview vehicle stopped for a bit in front of our office in Jersey City today. We all gathered at the window to gawk at it. I didn't take a pic but I really did have the same feeling I get when I see a celebrity. Damn! I should have gotten its 'auto'graph..
+Christopher Marx. I am in Saint Albans and work in South Charleston. Good seeing another hill billy fighting the nerd image. I was surprised when I first listened to +Android Central and heard +Jerry Hildenbrand was from up towards Martinsburg.
+Christopher Marx it would work better than humans. Computers are much better drivers than humans. Much more and better sensory input. Human eyesight is just no match. And then there is the fact computers have much faster response times.
+Andre Kusuma absolutely.  Computers don't get tired.  I know for me personally, I'm a horrible driver if I get behind the wheel when I'm tired.  
I am currently study IT in career field school, I just curious what I do go get a job in google,
thanks will do that. with technology keep changing, also with my cochlear inplants. I do more reading nd trying to listen
+toby Beeman , there is no magic formula to get a job at Google.  Whatever you end up doing, just be awesome at it.  This is general advice and doesn't apply specifically to Google.  I wouldn't worry so much about getting a job at any one particular place.  So long as you are the best at what you do, you will find that jobs will come to you.  
With all due respect +Terrence Lui , (and I mean it)  this is very very idealistic way of looking at it. Take a look at my Profile->About->Contributed to.  Looks like I made some progress on the way to be "best at what I do", right? Somehow Google job has no way of coming my way.  I also have surprising number of friends here in Seattle who quit Google after year or two. The reality is that Google is just another company albeit one that is successfully milking this unhealthy obsession public has about it.
+Mikhail Garber , I think I was pretty clear in my comment that my advice wasn't specific about Google.  I never said that if you were the "best at what you do"  you would be guaranteed a job at Google.  You could be the smartest person in the world and you might not get in for any number of reasons.  Being good is a pre-req, it isn't a ticket in.

Also, never said that Google was the best place for everyone to work.  Everyone wants different things in their career.  If you want to be VP of Engineering 5 years out of school, that isn't going to happen here. Can happen at a number of startups.  No chance of it here.    

The whole point of what I wrote was that while there are some people who do in fact work here because they literally like a free lunch, that's clearly not why I'm here.  I'm not judging someone's motivation, I was just emphasizing mine.  
Even Googlers themselves (esp. if outside of MTV) go gaga over the driverless cars. Even the streetview cars! 
+Lin L that's fair enough.  I've seen at least a few Googlers gawking at it when it's parked around campus.  
+Terrence Lui You MTV folks are just taking everything for granted. ;-) I behaved like a distant relation from the countryside when I saw the Streetview car parked in front of the building. Ran & hugged it, didn't even care that it was next to a dumpster... 
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