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George Takei has Landed

OMG, this is great news.  +George Takei has a verified Google Account here.  There isn't a post yet, but I'll take Google's word for it that it is really him.  Seriously, one of the few reasons I have a Facebook account is so that I can read George's post.  

So let's hope he starts posting here.  Might just give me one less reason to go over to Facebook ...

I say circle him and share the news.  Hopefully with enough interest, George will see what a great network G+ is and star using his account.  
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I'm glad someone else keeps a FB account around for +George Takei.  There's also a lot of haters popping out because of this.
about damned time! i really hope he gets his 250K followers so I can just walk away from facebook. :p 
+Josh Brown , yeah.  I'm sure there are plenty of people who hate George. It's a shame because he is hilarious.  
why would people hate George??
And WHY won't he POST already?? I've been 20 minutes since I circled him...I'm waitingggggggggggg!! impatient
I rather suspect George will get his 250K followers in a matter of no time.
+Terrence Lui +Arvind Gautam It's not that they hate George, they just hate celebrities.  They feel that it's going to bring a negative presence to G+. 
+Terence Towles Canote , I would be shocked if it doesn't happen in a few days.  What really needs to happen is for him to make at least one post.  It will go nuts after that.  
Great news, hopefully he'll start posting soon.
+Josh Brown , there are people who hate George for his lifestyle but yeah, i guess i see your point about certain G+ users hating celebrities. 

Here is the thing.  Many of those people would like to see G+ beat Facebook.  The only way that happens is to get the mainstream user on here.  The only way for that to happen is to get the celebrities and the people who mainstream users want to follow to come here and be active.  Otherwise, G+ really will be a ghost town down the road.  
I'm thinking his assistants don't understand how G+ works. He'll need to interact. at at least they will on his behalf. oh my god could you imagine all the good he could do with hangouts! especially for the #LGBTA  community. 
+Yas Mean if George Takei did a hangout it would seriously be the best thing to happen to Hangouts in, EVER.  It would be great publicity for Google and I'm certain it would get a very large and loyal following to come over. 
he could use it as an interveiw base to put his new play. as a matter of fact +George Takei needs his assistants to be reading this right now. I have no idea who is handling his marketing but this is a free idea. I won't charge you... terrance might. :p 
+Terrence Lui Yeah seriously.  So far they've had nobodies like "Barack Obama" and "Conan O'Brien", whoever they are.  Takei would take hangouts to a whole 'nother level!
Hopefully he gets the 250k follower count soon
+Joe Naylor , I know you are being sarcastic but I don't consider those "real" hangouts.  Hangouts on Air are more like watching TV than anything else.   I want someone like George to actually do a hangout where anybody can join.  Of course, there will be haters but I just would take a very heavy hand and block those users if anybody did something disrespectful.  
+He also has a rabid fan base and anyone who would openly hate in a hangout would be tortured online. 
 i'm totally with +Josh Brown that some people see the celebs that "use" G+ as not real/active G+'ers where the accounts are treated like an extension of their twitter but they don't necessarily engage with users. Some celebs like +Mark Hoppus do connect and that's f'n awesome. I hope George does engage with the community here.
Those of you commenting on how celebrities tend not to interact on social medias degrading G+ experience have a valid point.  But let me remind you that's already been happening.  I've come across number of non celebs posting half a dozen or so daily with miniscule traffic, basically sharing posts and/or linking current affairs.  When I do comment on such posts, typically I see no interactions from those OPs.

G+ already hit that wall.
+Terrence Lui I agree he needs to post, that would validate for a lot of people that he is here and he would reach his goal in record time. I posted on his FB status (as if he was waiting to hear from me) that this is the place to be, sadly he did not answer me back...

As for celebrities on G+ I follow a few but find they don't interact with the public. The difference with George Takei is that he is interactive, he enjoys the conversation, even if it is an assistant posting the things to his account on FB. It is only a matter of time.
+Arvid a lot of people hate George for the same reason they hate Neil Patrick Harris or Jim Parsons of Stephen Fry; they're bigoted assholes.
He just made his first post a few minutes ago. He's so Takei!!
Now can we have Patrick Stewart too? :D
+David Berck . sweet.  Thing has already taken off like crazy.  Love G+.  Love Takei.  
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