Message to the Younger You

Like a lot of people, I often think back to my younger days and ask myself what type of advice I would give to myself.  This isn't so much about regrets, as I honestly wouldn't want my life to change from what it is now, as much as it is I just wish my path to get here was a little bit easier.  

If I were to give my Mid-twenties year old self some advice it would probably look a little like

*  Understand that there is no perfect job
*  Take more risk
*  Don't waste time with some people; they just aren't worth it.
*  Don't be so rigid.  Life is rarely that black and white.  
*  Immediately go and look up +Liz Lui.  She is the answer to almost all your problems.  

Of course, that wisdom would be lost on my younger self.  However, I often wonder what advice my mid-forties self would give me, my mid-thirties self.  Same problem would probably apply.  Without having lived through it I probably would ignore my own advice.  But I'm interested in what my older friends out there would say. 

If you could give the younger you some advice what would it be?   I'm particularly interested in things you wish you could tell your Mid-thirties version but advice for all ages is welcomed.  
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