Why I Think Football Will be Irrelevant in 25 years

I, like most Americans, love watching Football.  I find it to be a near-perfect blend of strategy, athleticism, and drama.  That said, I've thought for a long time that within my lifetime, the interest in football will significantly wane to the point where it is like Boxing in today.  

People often forget that boxing used to be the biggest, most watched sport around.  When Muhhamed Ali was at his prime very few people would have said that you wouldn't even know who the Heavyweight champion was 30 years later.  I certainly don't, do you?

Chris Borland, who just had an outstanding rookie season for the 49ers, just called it quits.  He did this after 1 year.  A year he didn't even get diagnosed for a concussion.  After talking with experts and enough former players, he decided that it just wasn't worth the risk.  He is giving up potentially millions of dollars because he is that worried about continuous hits to the head. 

And I think he is absolutely right to do this.

We are just starting to understand the long term effects of this and the data starting to come out doesn't look good.  I know there is no way, despite the fact I love the sport, that I would let my child participate in football.  There are just too many alternatives and the risk is just too great for me to feel comfortable.  Even if I thought my child was a football prodigy and guaranteed to make millions of dollars, I still wouldn't allow it.  You quickly find that money can't buy you anything and good health really doesn't have a price.  

I think more and more people will start to think like this.  I think as a society we will discover that we don't like this tradeoff and we won't feel comfortable with others risking their lives for our entertainment.  

Do you think football will start to fade or do you think, given its overwhelming popularity it will remain the juggernaut that it is?

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