Google+ Commenting Platform

New is swirling that Google is about to launch a rival commenting platform to Facebook.

I'm not sure if this will get the adoption Google is hoping for. There is definitely a chicken-and-egg problem here. A Google login is still not as ubiquitous yet as a Facebook. It's hard enough to get people to use their Facebook account to leave comments, the additional hurdle of getting them to use their Google login might be too much for a blog or website.

I do think that sites can benefit from better spam filters than what Facebook can provide ( so maybe that will help Google out with adoption.

I'm actually more interested in the vanity URL's that are mentioned at the end of the article. I took care of the problem myself ( but really think its long overdue that Google+ gets nice short URLs.

Do you think a Google commenting platform can rival Facebooks? What problems do you see for Google competing in this space?
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