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Super Size Me

Is it really any wonder why we have weight problems in the US? These were the Slurpee cups circa 1975. A whole 12 ounces. I wonder if 7-11 out these out now what would people say. Would people be upset because they would feel they were getting a worse deal?
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Hey, forget about the portion size stuff,  anybody remember those cups?!! I had a few of those!
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Terrence Lui

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Ready For the Weekend

I know Gadget is ready for the weekend and so is his owner.  It can't come fast enough ...

How about you, are ready for the weekend?

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he's so cute! XD
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Terrence Lui

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Beach Day

Recently took Gadget to Fort Funston Dog Beach.  It always surprises me how much he loves the beach considering how much he hates the water.  He stays at the water's edge and runs away every time the waves come in.  But he just loves the sand and he loves chasing other dogs ... until they go into the water.  

Does your dog like the beach?

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One Year Google Anniversary

Today is my one year Google Anniversary.  It actually seems kind of nuts that it has already been a year because it went by so fast.  

Reflecting on the past year I have to say it's been pretty good.  It hasn't been perfect, and at times it was downright difficult, but experience has taught me that there are few if any jobs that are perfect.  The advice I would give to anybody about this is that it is important to recognize this simple fact and then work toward getting the right balance for you.  There are certainly things that are deal breakers, and you should recognize in yourself what those are, but not everything should be brought to that level.   For me the positives of scope, stability, resources, and people outweigh the politics and inefficiencies involved with large companies.  

I think a younger version of me would let the latter ruin what is otherwise a good situation.  I think we can all be prone to focusing on the negative and otherwise letting it obscure the positive.  And believe me, working from Google is pretty awesome.  One of my biggest gripes this week was that it was too crowded to get some sashimi at the new cafe that just opened. 

But besides the perks, which really aren't the best part of Google, I just like the company.  It's difficult to really understand from the outside how hard Google works to do the right thing.  That's not to say we don't make mistakes but at the individual level I can tell you that people genuinely care.  

So here is to my first year.  Hopefully it is the first of many more.  
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Many happy returns!
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Game Of Thrones Street Art

HBO hired some artist to create this street art on a London Street.  Totally awesome.  Who else is psyched about this upcoming season?
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Terrence Lui

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The Perks of LA

I'm not saying I would want to move back to LA, but I have to admit that this is one of the nicer perks if you work for Google here is that you are only a block away from the beach.   That of course means you have to have a place to park your board.  
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+Richard Hay and your father smelt of elderberries!
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Terrence Lui

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I Know, I Know!

The other night when I was out to dinner I overheard the conversation of a family sitting next to us.  The mother had asked the children whether or not the glass she had with water and ice would overflow as the ice melted.  

The kids started to throw out all sorts of theories.  Most of them were wrong.  Now, I don't know if the mother knew the correct answer or not, but she let the kids debate it and didn't say a word.  She didn't tell them the right answer when the kids inevitably came to the wrong conclusion.  I don't know why, but this bothered me a lot.  I had to hold myself back from jumping in and explaining to the kids what the actual science behind it was.  

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation?  Do you get that terrible urge to jump in and explain things when it is probably really none of your concern?
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I don't care what those kids learn or don't learn. I'd probably talk to my daughter loudly about the correct answer and how stupid most other parents and kids are.
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Terrence Lui

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Un-Frickin Believable

Best Puzzle Solve Ever.   Part of me thinks something fishy is going on here because this is just too unbelievable. 

Have you ever seen a better guess in your life?

Wheel of Fortune: Amazing Bonus Round Solve!
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What the heck, dude. That was amazing!
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Terrence Lui

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Amazon Value Waning

Amazon announced today that they will be raising the price of their Prime Membership from $79 to $99.  Coincidentally, I've had a story about how for me the value proposition of Amazon has been diminishing  so now is as good as a time as ever to talk about it. 

Over the last year or two, I've found myself using Amazon less and less.  Part of this occurred when they started applying CA sales tax.  I didn't think it would affect me as much as it did, and actually thought it was fair so I'm not complaining, but if I had to pinpoint a moment that would be the start. 

From there, I started to notice that the price advantage, even ignoring the tax, just wasn't there.  I feel like either the brick and mortar stores around me were starting to get more aggressive or that Amazon  just wasn't discounting as much as it used to.  A Prime example (pun intended)  of this was that recently I was in the market for a new TV.  I checked Amazon and I checked the local stores and at the end of the day I ended up going to Costco.  Why?

  1.  The price was the same
  2.  I could have the TV that day
  3.  If I had to return it, it would be much less of a hassle
  4.  Costco throws on an additional year to the warranty

Considering I bought my previous TV from Amazon and was happy with the whole experience I will admit I was shocked I went down this path.  

And finally, I feel like one of the main reasons I have always been a loyal Amazon customer was that I loved the selection it had.  But again, I feel like lately this hasn't been the case and it's a situation I feel like is odd.  I feel like most of the time, when I want to buy something on Amazon, my options are actually kind of limited.  A lot of my "choices" boil down to buying something from a 3rd party which is actually not what I want to do.  

I'm not sure that this price hike is the nail in the coffin but it definitely doesn't help.  I prefer Netflix over the Prime offerings so that isn't compelling to me.  The two day delivery is very nice but I find that I generally spend more than $35 on Amazon anyway and I usually don't need it in a rush.  Further, now that I have access to Google Shopping Express, I find that that is actually a lot more convenient. 

What are your feelings on Amazon?  Do you find your love/loyalty going down lately?  Does this price hike change your opinion at all?
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I've heard there's a trick where existing members can buy a "gift membership" for the old rate, but then give it to themselves after letting the Prime account lapse for a few days. We'll probably try that, since we use our Prime account for streaming way more than for shipping stuff. We do have "subscriptions" to bulk TP and tea shipments now, but we can schedule a short lapse around those. If Costco Online ever got comprehensive stock overlap with Amazon then we wouldn't ever order from Amazon (due to the return policies Terrence already cited), but I don't see that ever really happening. We're also keeping our Netflix account because we're OG cable cutters, they don't have complete library overlap, and their original series are pretty good now.
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Heroes Reborn

Looks like Tim Kring is going to do a mini-series of the once wildly-popular television series Heroes.  New story lines.  New characters.  Probably some nostalgia sprinkled in. 

I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.  I was a huge fan of the show in its first season.  So much so that at one time I had a blog about it.  But things quickly went south during the second season when the story got too convoluted and the characters suddenly lost all sense. 

Would love to see the show have a rebirth of sorts.  Was sad as the series tanked and relieved it was put out of its misery when it was but now somewhat hopeful that a reboot could do it some good.  

Are you happy or horrified that heroes is making a comeback?  What were your thoughts on the original series?

Heroes Reborn: 2015
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Season one was brilliant.... Sadly it went south from there. Though I didn't hate season two as much as so many others did. I was foolishly still hopeful they could get back to former glory. Oh how wrong I was. Normally not a fan of the reboot, but seeing what JJ did with Star Trek gives me hope that reboots can be a good thing.
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