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14 Aug - 18 Aug 2017 The Alien Room Trade Dairy

18 Aug

Thoughts: The market is trying to go on a RISK OFF mode (sell #AUD, #CAD #NZD and long #CHF, #JPY) by linking it with political risk. However, I think it is not just political risk, there is probably an underlying sell force in the market which are slowly selling equities (note #TAW has sell alert in some indexes already) and buying #XAUUSD. Something to note, #WTI is also heading upwards.

#GBPJPY remains the biggest win and largest holding. As said, I'm looking to lock profit for weekend, and added one new level

#WTI had a roll over, but it's positive for us.

#AUDCHF break even

#CADCHF slight profit, tight SL

#NZDUSD for now loss

#AUDJPY nice profit, shorted at highest!

#EURCAD tighten SL



I will be testing new #TAW EA tomorrow and also set schedule for physical classes. Will be sending email next week for you guys to provide trading account number, as need to issue licenses to each #TAW EA


17 Aug

Thoughts: Market is just not the same as 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. To have high win/loss ratio, it requires parking at certain level, ride through some volatility. When price moves, most of the time, it doesn't give much chance for a nice entry except "close eyes and jump".

This is the reason why I've been observing market tops and bottoms and finding constant market behaviors that could be translated into price pattern. Then, my task to make money is to recognise these patterns and trade it like a robot. That's the reason why #TheAlienwash was coded - it is my way of spotting and finding that recurring, make money pattern.

Therefore, you will consistently find that #thealienwash can trigger trades at the real high. Your only task is to be able to ride it for that big move and before a big explosive move happens, you must be able to stand those uncommitted price movement.

17 Aug Existing Positions

#GBPJPY Bingo! As said 143 is strong level, price indeed turns down and now trading at 141.60. I have taken profit on bulk shorted at 145. And added new trades at 142.90. Nice profit at the moment

#WTI left some, in profit. Shifted SL to profit. Aiming for big level.

#AUDCHF slight loss. Price went to 7690 high as R, now I'm waiting for 1234 to trigger.

#CADCHF slight loss

#NZDUSD reached R, loss (sorry, typed wrongly) should be reached R, but stop loss not trigger, although very close

#AUDJPY in profit, price is reached this make/break level

#EURCAD filled half, this trade is the opposite of #CADCHF, but #EURCHF is weak, so it might not be an opposite hedge position

#GBPCAD - this miss caused me quite a fair bit of loss opportunity....


16 Aug

Thoughts: It's obvious that market has no main theme after North Korea saga and now doing rotational play. #EURUSD heading into strong resistance, #TheAlienWash fired 2 sell signals. Our team has started establishing some positions in it. As said, I don't want to duplicate #TAW alerts with my thoughts in #thealienroom. But I will share filters of #TAW alerts and positions established.

I've also posted 2 charts on what I'm looking in #TAW signal on 16 Aug - #XAUUSD and #EURJPY. Check it out in this week #TAW thread posting.

*16 Aug Existing Positions

#GBPJPY in good profit. 143 is strong level.

#WTI left some, in profit. I might want to reenter later with my profit

#AUDCHF loss now

#CADCHF loss now

#NZDUSD filled

#AUDJPY filled

#GBPCAD - miss a little

With #TAW, I still have a big whole chunk of #gbpusd. My team has also established new positions on #GBPAUD short after I stupidly :) decided to exit. Those who gotten 150 pips profit - congrats


*15 Aug

Thoughts: Yesterday, I wrote that #USD is going to see strength. Today, #GBPUSD, #NZDUSD, #AUDNZD tumbled.

But #TAW caught #GBPUSD and #NZDUSD short at the very high. I attached a screenshot on #GBPUSD trade that's rocking 270 pips profit already.

15 Aug Existing Positions

#GBPJPY in good profit. Might have another reentry tomorrow

#WTI took bulk profit at 47.10 for 240 pips profit. Remaining shifted to profit

#AUDCHF flat for now

#CADCHF slight loss

Position Closed
#WTI took bulk for 240 ticks profit. Shorted at 49.50.

#GBPAUD exited one batch at break even, the other at 15 pips profit. Nett gain about 7 pips.

#NZDUSD I didn't fill this trade, but if you stick to buffer, you should. Posted my revised thoughts.

#AUDJPY depending on close, might revise tomorow


14 Aug

Thoughts: Nothing changed, it's a retracement boring Monday. But I'm see a slight strength in USD. It is not a reversal, more probably a rebound from oversold. #DXY (Dollar Index) reached the 92.50 level that I mentioned which is a strong support.

Still #JPY crosses remain bearish.

14 Aug Existing Positions

#GBPJPY in profit, but that retracement in the morning was wicked isn't it?

#WTI rebound from said support. But 48.80 still a strong resistance.

#GBPAUD now flat.

#AUDCHF in slight loss.

#CADCHF slight loss. It's a retracement.


Tomorrow will have a clearer picture on #USD pairs

Post has attachment
#TheAlienWashv1.1 is available now!!!

Did you catch those big moves in shorting indexes and JPY crosses? If no, get #THEALIENWASH now! Download here, log in first, must be a valid #thealienroom subscribers.

Download here:

#TAW auto-trader (expert advisor) will be available very very soon. But will be locked to your trading account (any broker).

So check that you have a valid #thealienroom subscription first for #TAW EA!

7 Aug - 11 Aug 2017 The Alien Room Trade Dairy

11 Aug

Thoughts: Seriously, anyone trading should look at #TheAlienWash. Seniors feedback that reward to risk is high (high profit factor) and really sell high buy low :).

See it for yourself - #TAW caught indexes and #JPY crosses at high.

11 Aug Existing Positions

#GBPJPY added new batch yesterday at 142.90. Now +145 pips profit. Note, previously I still have remaining those shorted at 145.00. Now this batch is about 360 pips profit.

#WTI doing very well. +122 pips, currently at temporary support, but should see further downside. Anyway, it's already at nice profit

#GBPAUD in nice profit +50 pips average

#AUDCHF all filled! Profit too!

#CADCHF nice profit too. Cancelled remaining half not filled due to weekend

Position Closed
#NZDJPY +235 pips

#USDJPY +135 pips


Good news! New #TAW version is released already! And ALL TRADES IN PROFIT!

10 Aug

Thoughts: Continuing to short more #JPY, which new entries immediately in profit.

If you track back #TAW signals, #TAW was SHOUTING for sell 2-3 weeks ago on #JPY crosses, for #JPY to strengthen. And those SLs are crazily tiny considerable possible profits.

10 Aug Existing Positions

#GBPJPY took profit yesterday, shifted to profit for remaining positions and today entered new batches using profit and they are immediately in profit! Old batch at +290 pips, new batch +80 pips

#WTI slight loss, but resistance is holding

#NZDJPY shifted to profit, no risk, currently at 185 pips profit

#USDJPY shifted to break even, profit about 111 pips profit

#GBPAUD in nice profit

#AUDCHF all filled!

#CADCHF filled half near to high and immediately it plunged!

Position Closed


Good news! New #TAW version releasing tomorrow 11 Aug!


9 Aug

Thoughts: #JPY trades are doing very well. In fact #TAW had quite a number of sell at real top. I was trading into the "second retracement" after #TAW.

North Korea tops headlines - thus #CHF and #XAU moving up as money flees into safe haven.

Existing Positions

#GBPJPY Took bulk profit for +212 pips profit, remaining shifted to profit.

#WTI in green after Oil inventory

#NZDJPY shifted to slight profit for tomorrow #RBNZ. Now at +95 pips profit

#USDJPY shifted to break even, profit about 60 pips

#GBPAUD filled near to high, now positions in green

#AUDCHF filled half

Position Closed
#EURCAD too profit for 50 pips, still think bullish

#GBPJPY took bulk for +212 pips

#CHFJPY - cancelled

#NZDUSD - cancelled ahead of #RBNZ


8 Aug

Thoughts: I'm updating position tracker earlier because I forgot to include 2 pending/watch in tracker last night. Been doing a lot of testing on EA that sometimes I ended up in a daze. :)

late night update on 9 Aug 12.20pm, after conference call to US

Existing Positions

#GBPJPY yeh yeh yeh, shorted 145 and 144.60. Now 143.40. +160 pips max

#WTI still there

#NZDJPY filled in profit, Nice!

#USDJPY just filled

#EURCAD just filled

Position Closed
#AUDCAD -68 pips nett

#CHFJPY - revised, see posting



7 Aug

Thoughts: After #NFP last friday, #USD rebounded from oversold (as said). Not only that, spike high of various #JPY pairs, but failure to maintain high price says a lot of about strength of #JPY. This is also the reason why I was bearish on #JPY crosses since last week.

If you have followed my thoughts on #GBPJPY and #NZDJPY, that would have gotten you at a very nice levels. At least, I've filled more #GBPJPY at spike high at 145 (now 144.33).

Existing Positions
#AUDCAD left half, in loss, but still resisted

#GBPJPY filled more during spike up during #NFP, whole batch in nice nice profit and moving nicely.

#WTI problem of trading into a possible reversal. But we got it a super strong level. In profit!

#CHFJPY - revised, see posting

#NZDJPY - revised - see posting

#EURCAD forgot to included last night, seeing too many stars

#NZDUSD forgot to included last night, seeing too many stars

#GBPAUD - just posted

31 July - 4 Aug 2017 The Alien Room Trade Dairy

4 Aug

Thoughts: Pardon for late update, was out. But partly was seeing lots of stars from EA testing. If you know the meaning of stars.... :)

Many times many trades, I had lots of profit. But I needed consistency, can't always be swaying when market price is always so confusing. So many times, ended up with break even. Same like Gold trade today.

Existing Positions
#AUDCAD left half, in loss

#GBPJPY filled more during spike up during #NFP, whole batch in nice nice profit

#WTI at very strong level, price at break even, but will insist on levels.

Position Closed
#AUDCAD half of full position, with -45pips loss

#XAUUSD broke important level, square all at slight profit (more like break even)

#CHFJPY - take this away first for weekend, will revise

#NZDJPY - actually should fill, but I put ALL my firepower into #GBPJPY

#USDCHF - Removed as didn't fill on #NFP


3 Aug

Thoughts: Today no thoughts, very busy with EA testing. #TAW indicator new version will incorporate filters and auto support resistance levels. #TAW EA 1st version will help in trade placement (with 3 trading modes), auto shift SL, auto sizing on risk level, trailing stops after certain targets. It's a monster in helping you managing trades and overcoming psychology.

But my bet in #GBPJPY was wrong. And has already confirmed and wrote my thoughts on bearish #GBPJPY.

Existing Positions
#XAUUSD in profit, as said, it's a #NFP thingy

#AUDCAD slight red, for tomorrow #CAD employment data

#WTI fill, slight red

#GBPJPY No revenge trading, but I jumped at 144.60.

Position Closed
#GBPJPY -60 pips


#GBPAUD limit not filled before #BOE - CANCELLED



Will be revising these #JPY levels on day close tomorrow.


2 Aug
Thoughts: I saw many #JPY very very near to super important resistance. But there's no reaction at lower timeframe. Probably waiting for #NFP to show hand.

Wrote about my thoughts in #WTI. Judging for it, we are likely heading into the usual consolidation Aug-Sep period. This applies to FX as well.

Existing Positions
#XAUUSD in profit, long 1256, now 1270

#AUDCAD price is approaching it's last level of R, position in red







1 Aug
Thoughts: The market is consolidating. Many pairs (e.g. #AUD, #NZD, and some related #JPYS and WTI) are parked at super strong high timeframe level.

Currently waiting for GBP data this thursday and USD #NFP.

*Existing Positions
#XAUUSD in profit

#AUDCAD filled with quite a big buffer, but later there's a chance to fill at proper buffer.

Positions Closed
#CADCHF +19 pips

#AUDUSD + 17 pips

#GBPNZD - 110 pips



31 July

Thoughts: It's not that I didn't want to take profit. Well I had some good profits but I cannot keep shifting my goal post. So it's about riding maximum for each trade. But it's always a pain to see gains into losses. :)

Existing Positions

#GBPNZD filled half, in a loss, pending fill another batch at higher price

#AUDUD all filled, in slight profit

#XAUUSD filled, in profit

Positions Closed
#NZDCAD break even, zero loss

#EURCAD -118 pips average. Just been stopped



Post has attachment
Why am I crazily bullish on #NZD and #AUD?

If you are The Alien Room subscribers, then you should know that my thoughts are bullish #NZD and #AUD, especially #NZD.


Why did #NZD and #AUD move up even more after #FOMC last night?

It has to do with yield. Its a fact that market is chasing yield, any sort of little better yield after QE started.

Since #FOMC is seen not to raise yet anymore, smart money will naturally start to sell #USD to chase better yield.

If these money has to stay in FX, then which currency will have slightly high yield?

Yes, it's none other than #NZD and #AUD. And of course, it's #NZD!

So you see, my thoughts are about bearish #EURNZD, #GBPNZD and bullish #NZDUSD, #NZDCAD and #NZDCHF. Grin

Hope you like it.

More about THe Alien Room

24 July- 28 July 2017 The Alien Room Trade Diary

28 July
Thoughts: Winning in this market, isn't it about managing psychology? Look at how market was pushing #EURCAD and most #cad crosses. Was your conviction wavered? Even you knew about that level, did you feel like closing trades?

As long as resistance or support holds, then I want to hold on to my original plan. Follow your plan, money will come. That's so few hours before #CAD GDP, I wrote about selling #NZDCAD. And that's a BINGO too! This trade is +60 pips for now.

Existing Position
#EURCAD still have

#NZDCAD +58 pips profit in a short 4 hour

#GBPNZD filled half

#AUDUD all filled, in profit

#XAUUSD filled, in profit

#NZDCHF cancelled


27 July
Thoughts: #NZD and #AUD are the strongest after #FOMC meeting. I'm not surprised if market is disappointed with statement and if market is about chasing yield, then #NZD and #AUD naturally be darling.

If you look at yesterday pending/watch, then I'm thinking of various combinations of going long #NZD. Of course, #NZDCHF will be best trade as seen now. However, I didn't turn aggressive on #NZDCHF partly because I had lots of #EURNZD shorts on hand.

Existing Positions
#EURCAD filled and slight profit. Price indeed spike to those mentioned levels nicely. Tomorrow #CAD GDP

#GBPNZD just filled half

#AUDUSD half filled on market. Remaining half just filled on revised level

#NZDCHF - shifted level



26 July
Thoughts: Again market is pausing ahead of #FOMC. Most #USD pairs at strong level. If #FOMC meeting is going to make #USD strong, I think that's temporary. #DXY still have space towards 92. So a retracement upwards will be a chance for more selling.

I loaded few #EUR crosses and avoided #USD head on. Surprisingly, #CHF very weak. I'm working furiously on completion of #TAW EA.

Existing Positions
#EURCAD filled




#GBPJPY cancelled


25 July
Thoughts: Price parked at critical level ahead of #FOMC. This is important meeting as market wants to know whether they should continue with selling USD. I wanted to wait for price reaction nearer to #FOMC.

Existing Positions

Position Closed
#AUDCAD took profit at average 80 pips profit

#NZDCAD break even

#GBPJPY stopped at -55 pips at tight stop loss, deployed a small risk in this trade

#XAUUSD cancelled



24 July

Thoughts: #EURUSD and many #JPY crosses are parked at seriously super strong level. It will be interesting from here, just need to get these trades at the right moment. Of course, I'm hoping that once put in, price just explode :)

I didn't put up #EURNZD thought but put up some levels. If you have used my levels, then this trade will be a nice 70 pips profit. #EURUSD is at 1.1670 and rejected this level. Thus, a good pairing will be #EURCAD.

Existing Positions

#NZDCAD green for now; shift to break even

#AUDCAD reached first level, didn't take...hoping for more more.

Position Closed
#WTI reached 47.70 high but didn't take profit. Exited at 45.50 and 45.80 on protective stop. Gain +55 and +125 ticks. (note actual gain is lower due to rollover prices)

#XAUUSD - likely cancelled and will replan

#USDJPY cancelled



Post has attachment
Yummy cookie from South Africa, a gift from +Victor Chia.

Was especially touched when he bought it from his trip in South Africa. His message was especially warming:

"_just got back from South Africa and got a little something for you to appreciate all your hardwork and commitment towards our development as a trader_ :)"

It's worthwhile to see happiness and enjoyment of everyday life when we have many winning trades in #thealienroom.

Post has attachment
17 July- 21 July 2017 The Alien Room Trade Diary

21 July

Thoughts: #TAW trades are doing great with just simple filters. I posted a trade on #NZDUSD where risk was around 30 pips for a 150 pips gain. That's fantastic. I'm working #TAW EA now so we should have automation soon once testing is satisfactory.

#WTI Price at support now. I'm hoping to have a last push towards $48ish level. Will update whether I'm taking profit.

#NZDCAD nicely into profit 70 pips

#AUDCAD profit too about 60 pips

Position Closed
#EURNZD was spike, really SPIKED with 115 pips loss. I posted a chart on reentry

#XAUUSD - not changing anything, stay put

#USDJPY just posted


20 July
Thoughts: #EUR up but #EURUSD still below 1.17. #USD weakest. Sell signals in #TAW on #GBP working very well. I said before, I don't want to repeat my thoughts on those #TAW signals because instructions very clear on how trades should be executed. EA be available very soon. Here's the 6 #TAW alerts on bearish #GBP and most of them worked very well. If you have them, they are very near to strong level for some trade management. See signals

#WTI will be locking profit tomorrow

#NZDCAD slight profit

#AUDCAD filled

#EURNZD in red now

Position Closed
#EURJPY -88 pips

#GBPUSD +162 (1/5 position) and remaining at +52 pips




19 July
Thoughts: Tomorrow is #ECB. It will shed more lights into #EUR. I've posted that #EURUSD is at very strong resistance 1.16. This is the level that's resisting price for 2.5 years. I will assume it's resisted for now.

#WTI long shifted to break even. It's a risk free trade. And BINGO! Oil inventory moved price up. Let's see if can close above 47.30.

#GBPUSD took half for 162 pips profit. Now risk free.

#NZDCAD filled - slight loss

#EURNZD filled - read my experience of filling this trade

#EURJPY filled - I just updated in main post. Both #eur trade for #ECB tomorrow. But this jpy trade also for #BOJ tomorrow.

#xauusd not revising, stick to existing plan

#euraud cancelled yesterday

#eurgbp still watching

Overall, positions healthy and in profit. It's #ECB and #BOJ tomorrow


18 July
Thoughts: After #RBA minutes today, #AUDUSD has a superb break upwards. I pointed out 2 weeks ago the support at 0.7900. #TAW has also a buy signal at 0.7650. Now price is 0.7920. Will be planning more thoughts when it retraced to key level.

Existing Positions
#WTI long at 44.25 and 45.25. Gaining nicely. Still aiming for the 5X region.

#GBPUSD dropped but still above 1.30. Let's watch and see how. Position still in green.

#XAUUSD - will revise tomorrow

#NZDJPY - posted today, but removed as some changes in #USDJPY. Will post another new thought for Thursday #BOJ

#EURGBP - I'm still not doing anything at the moment

#EURAUD - will revise tomorrow


17 July
Thoughts: It's a quite Monday as usual, but I'm sure #Thealienwash is going to signal a lot of new trades tomorrow.

After last friday weak CPI and retail sales, #USD is weak. I'm not surprised if #Dollar Index heads towards 92.30 near time (now is 95.17). Then that should see a nice breakout in #USD pairs. I believe #thealienroom had the strongest pair in position especially when this pair might follow #BOC to hike or that market might play it's rate hike in near future.

Existing Positions
#WTI moving great. Long at 44.25 and subsequently added more positions at 45.25. PRice is now at 46.40. Shifted to even

#GBPUSD took profit last friday for 160plus pips profit (one small batch only). Details here

Position Closed
#GBPUSD one small batch for 160 plus profit

#CHFJPY closed remaining at break even. So it's a +85 pips win for first batch



#XAUUSD - just posted today

p/s in case you have shorted #USDCAD (remember we have a whole load of other #cad, that's why I skipped #USDCAD even when I wrote about it). Reached my level and our team took profit for all batches. Attached record of last remaining batch.

10 July- 14 July 2017 The Alien Room Trade Diary

14 July
Thoughts: Been suffering from lack of brain juice, so you realised that I didn't write any review on The Alien Room performance. Performance here I've spent more time doing things that I like - more into EA development and also stock sector analysis. Students been asking me about when to launch equity thoughts. I wanted to do this after launch of #TAW EA. But programmer wanted to take a holiday break. Pushing him hard to complete before he goes on holiday.

Existing Positions
#WTI moving great. Long at 44.25 and subsequently added more positions at 45.25. PRice is now at 46.40. This is a #TAW signal.

#GBPUSD filled at really near to bottom. Now trade in green. I posted a chart here on possible movement on #USD.

#CHFJPY filled nicely. If I had not been too "giam" (stingy), the #GBPCHF would be a 240 pips winner now. With my newly built price predictor, you could see that these limits are coming out quite accurately

Overall, all trades winning. Happy weekend




13 July
Thoughts: All #cad positions that I had hit TP in just one bar. Now market is very different, if don't take positions before major news, there is no way to earn hot pips. This is what The Alien Room is about, shortcut your hunting time by pointing you to what's hot.

Existing Positions
#WTI all my positions filled, now in nice profit

#GBPUSD filled too

#CHFJPY filled urgently because some students filled at higher price on #TAW signal

Position Closed
#EURCAD +202 pips (one batch filled only)

#CADJPY nett +111 pips (remaining exited at TP 88.90)



#GBPCHF - cancelled


12 July
Thoughts: #BOC rate hike, statement was a super hawkish one in my opinion. We have various long positions in #CAD. With #BOC hike, attention is going to turn to another currency that's gonna hike too. I've posted some charts here:

Existing Positions

#EURCAD in profit

#CADJPY took half, remaining half in profit

#WTI shifted to break even

Position Closed
#EURJPY 38pips, filled half batch only

#CADJPY took 68 pips half batch, remaining still riding

#AUDCAD loss 77pips just before the huge plunge by #BOC

#USDJPY exited at break even



#GBPCHF was a huge miss.

p/s I'm shuffling my positions now, to build up new positions again


11 July
Thoughts: I wrote about #gbpaud and #gbpchf. One wrong judgment, I gave up the winner, entered into a loser at the moment. It's like trusting people. Never trust those who are always laughing and saying yes. If turns to bite, that's the worst breed.

Existing Positions

#USDJPY now in profit about 97 pips, shifted break even

#EURCAD slight loss

#AUDCAD slight profilt

#CADJPY +110 pips , shifted all to break even

#EURJPY in deep profit about 180 pips, shifted to risk free

#WTI filled 1/3, profit now

#GBPCHF filled, in loss now

Position Closed
#AUDNZD exited break even, no loss

#GBPCHF - the other scenario

#WTI - trying to fill more


10 July

Thoughts: I didn't add any positions today, because this week is a light week, with CAD and AUD in focus. There are few positions I'm watching: EURUSD, GBPAUD, and various indexes. Probably it will mature tomorrow

There's no change on existing positions. Most of them are at profit already, just waiting to lock in TP.

Shifted #USDJPY and #CADJPY (all) to risk free.

Existing Positions
#AUDNZD in green, shifted break even, risk free, also shifted S level

#USDJPY now in profit, shifted break even

#EURCAD now in profit, updated with chart

#AUDCAD in profit

#CADJPY filled all, now in deep profit, shifted all to break even

#EURJPY in deep profit, shifted to risk free


3 July- 7 July 2017 The Alien Room Trade Diary

7 July

Thoughts: by now, if you have been looking at my thoughts, and see how prices move REAL TIME, you will know trading requires a lot of conviction. Looking at historical data is easy because there's no emotion and money involved.

Existing Positions
#AUDNZD in green, shifted break even, risk free, also shifted S level

#USDJPY now in profit

#EURCAD now in profit

#AUDCAD in profit

#CADJPY filled all, now in deep profit about +120 pips

#EURJPY in deep profit, shifted to risk free

Position Closed
#WTI at break even (initially was a nice profit)

#EURAUD closed all with nett profit 136pips


Overall it's a profitable week


6 July
Existing Positions
#AUDNZD in profit, green, slow

#EURAUD BINGO! Took half for 128 pips, remaining at risk free

#USDJPY was nearly stopped out. Now still red.

#EURCAD filled half, red now

#WTI nice fill at really near low, in profit now. GREEN!

#AUDCAD jumped, green!

#CADJPY filled half

#EURJPY filled half

Position Closed
#EURAUD too half profit for 128 pips

#EURCAD - removed remaining higher sell limit


Depending on tomorrow #TAW might have signals for #EURUSD

5 July
Existing Positions
#AUDNZD in profit, green

#EURAUD filled all, profit now

#USDJPY filled, red for now

#EURCAD filled half, red for now

#WTI filled

Position Closed
#GBPCAD remaining position, net gain for all batches 134pips (173 and 115pips)

#GBPNZD out at breakeven



#EURCAD - remaining half



4 July
Existing Positions
#GBPNZD in green about 75 pips profit

#GBPCAD moving very well, took 1/3 for 173pips profit. Remaining waiting for the big level

#AUDNZD doing great, at about 60 pips profit. Almost threatened SL before #RBA, but conviction wins!!

#EURAUD jumped half position, now slightly in green

Position Closed
#GBPCAD 1/3 for 173 pips profit


#WTI, #usdcad revised level




I also wrote about #gbpaud, but I'm observing. #cad will be in focus tomorrow


3 July
Existing Positions

#GBPNZD filled and now slight green

#GBPCAD filled and quite nicely in profit

#AUDNZD filled and slight red

Position Closed
#xauusd FINALLY. Reached TP at 1232. Shorted 1276.50. Total nett 329 ticks

#nzdjpy also reached said TP +205 pips gain but only had 1/3 filled


#nzdjpy shifted limit level, and still trying to fill even earlier batch reached TP

#WTI, #usdcad, #usdjpy will revise tomorrow

I am still generally bullish about #jpy crosses

Wait while more posts are being loaded