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#GBP Portfolio entered by #TAW Robot

Actually #TAW entered 4 trades on #GBP.

1. #GBPCHF +750 pips, at top of ED
2. #GBPCAD +600 pips
3. #GBPJPY - already recorded in #JPY side
4. #EURGBP - exited earlier

I also have manual entry on GBPUSD at about 65 pips profit.
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Exiting #JPY positions built up by #TheAlienWash Robot 2 weeks ago ahead of NZ GE and Germany GE.

As said, these will not be possible if not for something that's emotionless in it's entry.

#USDJPY is the only trade that was entered manually. Profited 233 pips because i caught at a real low when price spiked down.

GBPJPY + 800 pips
NZDJPY + 260 pips
EURJPY + 240 pips
CHFJPY + 95 pips (was stopped out previously with loss about 180 pips)
AUDJPY +130 pips

USDJPY + 223 pips.

All in all, this was a nice basket of JPY portfolio.
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#The Alien Wash Robot update 20 Sep 2017

Development Log:
1. Theres a bug on lot size calculation under combination mode in v1.22. This will be fixed

2. I've also added in more sophisticated order entry/trade placement at backend to overcome some brokers not place trades

3. Added in more alerts so you will know why certain trades not placed (especially when additional filters activated).

This new version will be released next week

Will also release training classes for The Alien Wash Robot end of week

Download here

Request for license key here.

18 - 22 Sep 2017 The Alien Room Trade Dairy

22 Sep
Thoughts: High impact General Election in NZ and Germany. May result in gap if it's a dark horse.

Existing Positions

#AUDCAD at loss

#GBPUSD in profit. Also all my #GBP trades opened by #TAW, each about 700-800 pips profit

Positions closed
#EURUSD + 7 pips

#USDJPY + 233 pips


#GBPNZD cancelled



21 Sep
Thoughts : China downgraded by S&P affected #AUD performance.

Existing Positions
#EURUSD in profit, shifted to break even. I guess it's going to be a tough fight.

#USDJPY at 260 pips profit. Plus other #jpy crosses still running. I attached #TheAlienWash alerts on bullish #jpy crosses

#GBPUSD filled. Now in profit

#AUDCAD at a loss



20 Sep
Thoughts: I'm posting up roundups today early as I have a presentation later. Invited by PhillipFutures to give a talk.

Existing Positions
#EURUSD at loss. #TAW had a buy alert. So my positions are hedged now.

#USDJPY at profit, at break even. Other #JPY trades, #GBJPY, #AUDJPY, #NZDJPY, #EURJPY, #CHFJPY ALL doing great...opened by #TAW

Position Closed
#AUDNZD +131 pips




19 Sep
Thoughts: Writing this update everyday became a habit already. It allows me to have a review of what trades I have, which are good/bad trades etc. But yesterday, after a back to back session on training The Alien Wash Robot, I was totally exhausted. But it's so nice to see all my wonderful students. We've been together for YEARS...+Keith Tan said that I don't really change (age) for the past 8 years. That really sent me to the sky :) Maybe that's the reason why I was drained off all my energy that I didn't even have any energy to write 18 Sep update.

As a side note, Keppel DC Reit is now trading at 1.33. That's a nice gain from my entry at 1.275. Also nothing that this Reit added another DC in Dublin and that Temasek has bought in again.

#TheAlienWash Robot is now launched. I've 100% automated and semi-automated my trades. Knowing that Robot is managing trades for me, I almost forgot which are those existing trades I had, which are those opened by Robots. Luckily I have different trading accounts, one account for 100% auto, one account for semi-auto, another for manual - sometimes I'm also confused.

Today I didn't write any thoughts - was busy fixing a bug. But I will share my thoughts on #GBPUSD during #FOMC week.

19 Sep Existing Positions (No update on 18 Sep, no more energy left last night)

#audnzd #TAW shorted at 11051. Now 10945. If price can have a day close below 10970, that would be bearish for #AUDNZD for a start.

#USDJPY is risk free now. In fact I had many other #jpy trades that are also running very well (opened by #TAW) that I almost forgot who is managing this trade. I have long #GBPJPY, #AUDJPY, #NZDJPY, #EURJPY, #CHFJPY and amazing all of them in profit. I'm still hoping that #USDJPY can reach my said level. #BOJ this week

#EURUSD currently at slight loss of about 2-3 pips. Actually #TAW had a buy signal and is currently at profit. However, price at strong R level. It means that one side has to be wrong. #FOMC this week, will give indication to direction of #USD.


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Outsource your trading weaknesses to The Alien Wash Robot

The fact is, "I would have NEVER NEVER lasted a profit of 800 pips each for my trades on GBPJPY or GBPCHF. But The Alien Wash Robot did that for me. I outsourced my weaknesses to her!"

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Final test to #TheAlienWash Robot before 18 Sep launch
Impressed with results at the moment, #GBPJPY #GBPCHF about 800 pips each!

I would have NEVER NEVER lasted 800 pips for #GBPJPY or #GBPCHF. But #thealienwash robot did that for me. I outsourced my weakness to her!

Well, I decided I need to gain certain level of control to my trading. So I will decide whether a trade can be opened by #theAlienwash robot.

After robot opens trade for me, that's when I totally outsourced my weaknesses to robot. I don't look at it, I don't attempt to close my trades early base on my perception. Robot manages my trades according to rules I set. I didn't attempt to break any of my rules.

#CHFJPY is current the only trade that was stopped out recently.
But hey, #thealienwash robot opened another 5 winning trades on #jpy (see attached image)

Buy #AUDJPY +123 pips
Buy #CADJPY +326 pips
Buy #EURJPY +179 pips
Buy #GBPJPY +879 pips
Buy #NZDJPY +150 pips

Sell #CHFJPY -182 pips

Hey #CHFJPY was not in such a bad shape with HEDGING FEATURE

#TheAlienwash Robot has a hedging feature built in. So if you like to hedge a position, then Robot will open another trade in opposite direction. So your trade will be hedge in a way. So you could see, after being stopped out of a sell trade, price burst up after a buy order was opened. Thus the loss on #CHFJPY minimised!

Not so bad. I actually outsourced my slowness and indecision to a Robot that opens trades without emotions. Just rules.
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This post should be under "The Alien Room trades and updates".

I put it wrongly. So resharing to correct location.

15 Sep
Thoughts: Totally busy. But happy with #TAW Robot live testing results. However, I want to say, I'm not a total believer of EA trading. However again, I think we need to automate our trade process. Here's EA live testing and stunningly I stayed on #GBPJPY and #GBPCHF long each profit 800 pips!!! @@

15 Sep existing positions

#audnzd profit for now

#EURUSD filled

#USDJPY filled and shifted to break even (actually reached first R level for TP)

#WTI burst up, no trigger to downside. Reached 50 level. Watch first

#XAUUSD no close

#USDSGD cautiously skipped this trade because its slow and but I might put it in on Monday


14 Sep
_Thoughts: Catch a trade at top and bottom and ride it through. This is, to me, the most lucrative way to trade. When price is moving mid-way, it is so difficult to find reentry. This is what I'm experiencing this week. It is so difficult to find reentry for #GBP long (which #TAW already had many bullish signals 1-2 weeks ago).

Now it's about letting trades setup again, slowly.

TAW Robot will be released on 18 Sep 2017 (Monday)

14 Sep existing positions
#audnzd filled currently at a loss

#WTI R at 48.70 didn't hold. If it didn't, there are 2 thoughts: will head towards 50.30 and then WR or a genuine breakout.

#USDJPY first level R reached. I will watch more, mentioned S is strong.

#XAUUSD no close


11 - 15 Sep 2017 The Alien Room Trade Dairy

13 Sep
Thoughts: it takes time for a trade to mature and to move. Waiting is painful, but many times, a strong upmove caught us in surprise and unless you are glued to computer, you are unlikely to catch it.

See the #GBPJPY trade that I had +400 pips from #TAW. That required 2 days of waiting (which I was yawning badly) (attached in comment).

So, there's no trade at the moment in #thealienroom. But plenty from #TAW Robot.

13 Sep existing positions
None in the Alien Room

#WTI reached level, but waiting for trigger to happen


#AUDNZD this is a #taw alert and I explained why technically, #TAW will show a signal. After analysing, I have loaded #TAW Robot to trade and manage this trade.

#XAUUSD watch for tomorrow close.


12 Sep

Thoughts: There seems to be a RISK ON mode with #TAW showing a bullish #AUDJPY, #NZDJPY and bearish #XAUUSD.

As shown in webinar just now, #TAW EA opened quite a couple of trades that's very profitable now namely long #GBPJPY #GBPCHF and long #CAD pre #BOC. Today just opened long #audjpy #nzdjpy which were immediately profitable.

12 Sep Existing Positions
None in The Alien Room.

Position Closed
#nzdjpy 58 pips loss

#nzdchf 99 pips loss


#USDJPY - to be posted after this, watch for #TAW alerts


11 Sep
Thoughts: I told my children that we are going to holiday every quarter. I don't want to miss opportunities spending more time with their during their childhood. So my next holiday (after working very very hard :)) will be last 2 weeks of Dec.

I apologise on the lack of update. This highlights even more on the need for equipping oneself with skills and knowledge, and to have tools (like #TAW) to find trades easily.

Last week, #BOC resulted in strong #CAD. There were many signals fired by #TAW early last week to long #CAD. But on wed (the day of #BOC), #TAW fired some short #cad. I can only assure, that EA will not and did not make the mistake of shorting #CAD on wednesday pre-#BOC with additional filters set in. In fact, the long #CAD earlier trades were in profit.

#TAW also fired many long #GBP trades, starting with #GBPUSD, #GBPCHF and eventually #GBPJPY which were working well. There was a #EURGBP long trade - likewise, EA will not trade into this #EURGBP trade - which was a loss eventually.

I attached some of these #TAW setups. If you still haven't installed #TAW, please do so. Set it up in VPS so you could receive alerts everyday on trade opportunities.

11 Sep Existing Positions

#NZDCHF this is a super negative swap trade, but at least overall still in profit. additional batch filled in a loss though. I attached TAW entry (which got me in first) in chart

#NZDJPY loss for now, filled half batch only

Position Closed
These positions were closed last week

#GBPJPY break even

#EURGBP for 37 pips nett in profit

#WTI loss 100 ticks

#XAUUSD I will review this thought tomorrow

*Attaching some #GBP and #CAD trades here fired by #TAW*
See how well #TAW caught trades at major turning points.
For some failures that you see, it will be handled (and thus avoided) by EA.
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Why Robot/EA is necessary to advance your trading and how using Robot can help merge with our lifestyle?

You have probably noticed that I wrote less on my thoughts in The Alien Room these days.

Well, this is true, but it is also true that I don't spend less time on working. But I spent less time in analysing each trade, thus I was able to spend my time doing many other things.

I've automated most of my trades to #TAW Robot. But I'm a person who are scare of losing control. So I control when a particular trade should be opened. While I let Robot calculates trade size, where to place orders, where to place stop loss, manages target profit via a trail stop and shift my winning trades to risk free automatically.

Basically, I OUTSOURCED those tedious work of trading, including outsourcing my psychology, my fear, my greed to ROBOT. The Alien Wash Robot now monitors 24 hours by 5 days trade opportunities and my existing trades.

No excuses of forgetting a trade
No excuses that work is too consuming
No excuses of missing out a trade

Here's 2 trades, where #TheAlienwash automatically placed trades for you. #GBPJPY #GBPCHF

I built #The Alienwash Robot to also open trades after you have received alerts. So no worry about losing control of your decision making!

The Alien Wash Robot launching on 18 Sep 2017
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#aud is also linked to China if you are seeing investment for 5-10 yrs down the road.
If you have very long memory of AUDUSD, you might recall these significant levels

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