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I want to live on this continent!
My attempt to construct a map generator that procedurally generates world map images that might be used by others as art, roleplaying / fantasy worlds, board game maps, or anything else. 3/01/2012. Mo...
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Super awesome! Have you ever managed to procedurally generate regions with fjords, many tiny lakes, or large archepeligo with many really small islands?
Thanks! +Tom Riecken - I have not specifically tried to design for regions with fjords, or regions with tiny lakes. Archipeligo, that comes "out of the box" really. The world is created with fractals, and "unlimited" in size, so if I put the viewpoint far enough out, I'll have an archipeligo. As for those examples of Europa Universalis, that's super awesome! Might borrow that technique or something similar, to split my landmsass too. So clever!
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