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Terina L. Harrington (DizzyJade1357)
Works at Unemployed/SSI Disability
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Unemployed/Recently Disabled due to a Hit-N-Run while riding my 1986 Honda Rebel 250cc a 19 year old young lady driving her grandfathers Van decided to take her left turn in front of me going 35mph thru my Green light at the intersection of Euclid & Crestline Ave here in Spokane, WA my motorcycle & then the Rt side of my body slammed up side her Van shattering my Rt Knee with a Compound Tibia out the knee & another 7 Fractures up the Femur also Fractured my Rt Wrist & Radial in 9 places -- all of which have been put back together with shiny New Titanium!!! I was lucky in so many ways one of which was I never hit my head & never lost consciousness, when I finally hit the pavement I landed on my left Shoulder leaving me with a torn Rotator Cuff {2 out of the 4 ligaments} which is still waiting to be repaired since the accident on April 19th, 2013 the day my life was altered permanently in an instant.....
Great Computer & Phone skills, Process Sales Order's, Shipping & Billing Invoices, Collections, Dispatching Drivers & Service Techs
  • Unemployed/SSI Disability
    I'm Still Cute-N-Flirty, 2013 - present
    Its Baby Sitting, Yard Sales (Weather permitting) & I love using e-Bay....
  • Unemployed/On-Line Student
    Debilitating Fibromyalgia & RLS, 2011 - 2012
    Previously had my own Home business for about a year, as a Party-lite Consultant, Personally, I love these products but I can't afford them.....
  • Scales NW Co/Powell Scales NW
    Admin Assistant, 2007 - 2011
    Run Front desk, send in service orders, enter sales orders, submitt Sales & Service Orders for Billing &/or Collections,
  • Northwest Mailing Inc. /for Dwayane Alexander
    Office Admin Assistant, 2005 - 2007
    Set up Customer Maintenance Dept. Sales/Renewals, Inventory, Shipping & Receiving...
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+1 509-280-8615
Oak Harbor, Washington
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I am a mother of two wonderful sons Michael Knoop & Dakota Lewis.. I luv riding motorcycles with my life Partner Kerry Bunnell I was permanently disabled April 19th 2013 in Hit n Run on my Motorcycle...
Bragging rights
I am currently in the best relationship I have ever had. Thank you lord, I know now that prayer has been answered. I have two boys one has graduated from Roger's High School & Joined the Army in the 19th Calvary Scout Division. Not sure where he is or how he is but I will always love my children No matter who or what or where they go & become......
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