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Teresha Freckleton-Petite

2015 MC #1 Unmake Intros  - 
My Unmake Intro courtesy of the periodic table (okay, one element is fictional). Created with

Tellurium: A semi-metallic silvery-white element, often found as an ore of gold. Used in ceramics and blasting caps. (L. tellus: earth)
Translation: I have a heart of gold

Rhenium: A very dense, silvery white metal used in alloys for electronics and flash lamps. (L. Rhenus: Rhine)
Translation: Things are made stronger when you add me to the mix

Sulphur: A pale yellow, odorless, brittle solid, which is insoluble in water. Strong odor as Sulfer oxides. (Sanskrit, sulvere; L. sulpur, brimstone)
Translation: I can be a stinker if you test me

Hydrogen: The simplest element, a gas which is the most abundant element in the universe. (Gr. hydro, water)
Translation:  I aim to live a full life. My cup overfloweth

Adamantium: The most durable substance ever to be created by scientists - used by Wolverine and others. (Marvel Comics)
Translation: I am unbreakable
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Great post! I will use this with my students when next term start. I also add it as my Make Cycle #1: Unmake an Introduction! in the Make Bank... now on to Find Five Fridays (#F5F)  
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An interesting read on literacy ability as a product of nature or nurture. h/t NCTE Inbox
by Dawn KirbyLast month, prior to her graduation from high school, my daughter was preparing for her Advanced Placement (AP) test in Literature and Language. Because of her high school’s scheduling...
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Happy Birthday to my darling girl!
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Teresha Freckleton-Petite

2014 MC #4 "Hack your Writing"  - 
I hacked a story in Scratch:
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+Kevin Hodgson
Thanks so much for the feedback!
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I couldn't resist making a meme about NWP's 40th Anniversary #40for40  
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So timely! I've not even seen Frozen and I get the reference!
The glee is visible. I thought you were doing 40 posts all by yourself for #40for40 , but now I see it is collaborative. Awesome.
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I'm crying in my Earl Grey tea!
‘Downton Abbey' To End This Year After Six Series As Cast Go Job-Hunting In The US

By +Matt Bagwell 

The next series of ‘Downton Abbey’ will be the last, according to reports.

The ITV period drama, which stars Hugh Bonneville and Dame Maggie Smith, will end after the sixth series airs later this year.

The final instalment is set to be filmed over the spring and summer and will hit our screens in September.
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Storm painted on cork #Xmen  
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Teresha Freckleton-Petite

2014 MC #6 "5-image story"  - 
My oldest turns 5 next month, so my 5-image story is a celebration of her life (5 birthdays) starting with the day she was born. #clmooc
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I love the last line!  That's exactly how I feel about my daughter. What a wonderful way to express it! :) 
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This making memes stuff is addictive. Here's one I made from a stop-motion video I filmed in this past spring. I present: "What the snail says" #clmooc
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How fun!
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This is the first meme I ever created:
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ha! awesome.
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You can find me finger painting with my daughter or blogging at
I am an urban, crunchy mama currently living in Dallas, TX who is into all things green/organic, composting, recycling/upcycling, swapping, and, of course, natural parenting. Some might think this means I am anti- a lot of stuff, but really I'm just pro-Mother Earth!
I have a feisty 2 year old daughter and she is going to be getting a sibling in April 2012. I blog and tweet about our lives, provide a little knowledge through thoughtful articles, product reviews, and giveaways at
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