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Teresa Wu

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Our TCs = the best part of our Help Forum communities. Thanks for being rock stars! 
Meet Google's Top Contributors, a community of help

Have you ever received help from a fellow user in our Google Help Forums? Chances are, you've interacted with a Top Contributor. Top Contributors are the most active and knowledgeable folks across our 250+ Help Forums. You'll find them helping users across products get their questions answered, including in our Google Drive forum:

Several Top Contributors have posted more than 100,000 times in Google's Help Forums during their membership. Today, our program has over 550 members. 

With our newly launched program website, now you can learn more about our Top Contributors or find out how to become one. Visit the site at

A big thank-you goes out to the Top Contributors across our Google Drive, Docs, and Sites forums for the dedication they show every day!
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Como esta saludos
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Teresa Wu

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1. Create your own Docs collaboration story.
2. Share it on G+.
3. Tag it with #gonegoogle .
We love hearing about all the different ways people use collaboration in Docs - from creating shared grocery lists to co-authoring full length novels. In the past, we created a few stories of our own and now, we want you to do the same.

With the new Gone Google Story Builder, you can make your own personalized videos featuring the characters, story, and even music of your choosing and then share it with everyone you know (or maybe just a few of your closest friends).

Give it a try and if you make something great, post it to Google+ with the tag #gonegoogle or just leave it in the comments. We’ll feature a few of our favorites right here next week.
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Ola amorcito
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Teresa Wu

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Collaborating in a doc makes brainstorming a no-brainer. ;)
Liz Lemon and the +30 Rock crew know that sometimes the key to a successful brainstorm is just changing the topic. With everyone adding ideas to the same Google document, how hard could be it be to think up some new TGS sketches?

The brainstorm has #gonegoogle
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Ola amiga
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Teresa Wu

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Don't leave it to us to decide what stock images we should include in our gallery - Pick your favorites on and submit to the form at the bottom of this post!
Want to help us curate a new batch of stock images?

When you’re creating a document or a presentation to share with others, the right picture can be worth a thousand words. That’s why earlier this year we added a gallery of stock images to Google Drive to help you find that right picture more easily--and for free. (In Google presentations, documents or spreadsheets, go to Insert > Image, click Search, and select Stock images).

You shared a lot of positive feedback about this feature, so we decided to expand our library to give you even more photos to choose from. To make this gallery more useful, we’d like your input on what we should add. 

If you’re interested in helping us out, go to and search for images, or browse through them by category. Using the Google form linked below, submit the item numbers (linked underneath each image) for up to 10 images you’d like to nominate for use in your documents, presentations, spreadsheets. We’ll use your ideas to create and curate the next generation of our stock image library. 

Looking forward to your submissions! 
Go to and search for images, or browse through them by category. Using the form below, submit the item numbers (linked underneath each image) for up to 10 images you’d like to nomin...
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Any news yet on Drive for Linux?
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Teresa Wu

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+Google Drive users in the Philippines are using forms and spreadsheets to crowdsource rescue efforts. Keeping Manila in my thoughts.  #RescuePH  
This crowdsourcing method was also used when typhoon Ondoy hit Manila in 2009
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Oy boa tarde como esta ai Gostei da sua Beleza voce em mais bonita??????!?!
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Teresa Wu

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Comekee tas bem ai????????
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Teresa Wu

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Love this user story. Thanks for sharing +Rob Michael!
Just a quick shout out to the +Google Drive team. You guys are card-carrying badasses.

I use Drive in my teaching workflow inside +Google+ hangouts (more info on that here:

I also use GDrive in my face-to-face lessons via my iPad. Keeping the current version of a document delivered to all of my students? This is awesome!

I used to actually carry a file folder of papers from which I would distribute curriculum. That already seems like a hundred years ago.

My Star Trek fantasies are all coming true. Can I go ahead and pre-order my holodeck now?
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GREAT story +Teresa Wu ! 
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Teresa Wu

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Searching for the stuff in your Drive just got easier! Join the field trial today. 
With Drive, you can keep all your stuff in one place and access it from anywhere. We want to make it even easier to find what you're looking for as quickly as possible, so starting today, you can find files in Drive across Google -- whether you’re searching on or searching in Gmail. 

Join the field trial ( to start using this new feature, and head over to the Google Search blog to learn more (
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+Jaco Bester now i'm on linux too :) And move out to Yandex with it's console sync daemon.
But - it have no such great document editor..
Google forgot about linux!)
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Teresa Wu

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It's my two-year Googleversary! :D (Time flies when you're on the internet.)
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hola teresa la verdad k eres muy bonita  t pareces a una diosa y kisiera conocerte  y llevar  una relacion contigo bbita soy de peru
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Teresa Wu

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A little tip to help you #DriveBetter  :)
Did you miss this in yesterday's blog post?

In addition to being able to protect your cells, now you can change the color and pattern of your cell borders.

Go give it a try: Open a Google spreadsheet, highlight the cells you'd like to add a border to, and click on the borders icon to select a color and pattern.

Let us know what you think in the comments!
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I'd like the ability to merge cells, really missing that and having to put tables in tables in tables is really a hassle.
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Teresa Wu

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Protect your cells!
When you're collaborating with lots of people in a spreadsheet, sometimes someone else can inadvertently modify a cell that wasn't meant to be touched.

Starting today, you'll be able to lock down cells with new Protected Ranges in Google spreadsheets.

To get started with Protected Ranges in a shared spreadsheet, highlight the cells you’d like to protect, right-click, and choose Name and protect range from the menu.

Check out today's blog post to see the feature in action:
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Love that this functionality has come to spreadsheets! I just tried it though and it didn't work : / Gave them view only permissions and they were still able to edit. 
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Teresa Wu

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Super sweet Google Drive / FedEx integration means you can print hassle-free from your Drive at 1,800 FedEx stores nationwide!
New FedEx integrations with Google Drive make it more convenient to print anywhere, anytime. 
With FedEx Office® Print & Go, you can now access and print files from your Drive at more than 1,800 FedEx Office stores nationwide. Additionally, you can tap into stuff in your Google Drive account through FedEx Office® Print Online, place a cloud print order, and pick up printed files from a FedEx Office store or choose to have them delivered to your door. 

To learn more, visit
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This is a great feature.  Due to my constantly traveling, I recently became a big user of the google>fed ex integration for printing when I'm on my way to a client site from the airport.  I'd love to see google drive on linux too though...
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